Philadelphia, PA - First Union Center
March 7, 2003

From: slipperywenwett

I know I'm a little late... but just wanted to give you guys a brief review of the Philly show. It's my first concert of this Bon Jovi tour (first of three!) and I was sooo psyched for it. I have to admit, I'm like Bon Jovi more than GGD (can you tell by my username?) but we still got their early enough to see the Goos. I also have to admit that I don't know ALL of Goo's songs but I recognized all of them. So I can't give you a setlist. Some of the highlights were when Johnny got that big blue hand out and was like "You know what they say... big hands.... big GLOVES! Big feet, big shoes!" That was so cute Then he actually played with the hand John and Robby were running around the stage looking like they were having a blast! John said that the audience was the best yet and that we were so nice to them. I couldn't stand up though, since I was "blocking the view of people behind me". Pffft. Anyway, at the end, someone gave John a tiara and bouquet of flowers and John pretended like he was Miss Philadelphia-- LOL! He even did the wave and everything! They left the stage... and there was about a 25 minute gap between their set and Bon Jovi's set. The merchandise stands had GGD tank tops and t-shirts. I came so unprepared-- I didn't have like any money so I only bought a Bon Jovi tour book. But Bon Jovi's set was amazing, for those who are wondering. They played RUNAWAY, the first song ever written!! And Diamond Ring... I don't think they've *ever* played that since 1996! It was really unbelieveable! I lost my voice after the first 5 minutes... haha. So there's my pathetic little review. Hope everyone who went to Philly had a good time! I sure did!