From: Emily

April 10, 1999
Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse
Peoria, IL

We arrived at bradley university around 6:15, for the concert at 7:00. we met one of my friends in the student center. when we got to the, sold out show, we sat down to discover that the new radicals were not going to play tonight. i was some what disappointed the opening act started, they were called the gufs, of what i heard they were good. i asked the people i was with if they wanted to go outside to the tour to try to meet the band. they said "no we are not going to meet them." i said fine i will go alone.

i got outside and started to walk towards the busses i saw that there really was not a crowd there. there were about 5 people waiting outside. i walked over to see nathan the back up guitarist by the tape so i went up to him and the others, to start talking to them. after talking to him for awhile robby walked up to us. i said to him "i love them and if i could have a hug." he said sure and gave me one. he with us for awhile and went inside. i had robby sign my shirt and i got i pic with him.

After a couple of minutes the keyboard player was walking to the bus. and i asked if he could get johnny for me. he said sure, because of the shirt i had on. ( i mad the shirt, and it said "john rzeznik can dizzy me up anytime. and on the back it said my name emily rosner and then i crossed off rosner and put rzeznik.) it took john awhile to come outside. but when he did i heard the bus latch open. so i peaked my head around the corner. (at this point i was well past the caution tape.) he look so cute. i asked him if he could come over here and give me a hug. when he was done getting something from the bus he started walking over. i told him to read my shirt. he said the keyboardist said something about the shirt. he also said he really liked it. i got him to sign my shirt and get pics too. shortly after mike came out and talked for awhile and signed and got pics with us. then they went in to play there set around 8:15.

the dolls where all very nice and cool to everyone. they also thank god were very understanding with pictures and all.

the set they played was awesome. this was my second show and it seemed like they got better. they played a lot of songs like (not in any order) dizzy, slide, iris, name, long way down and naked the no brainers. they also played black balloon, broadway january friend, bullet proof, full forever,hate this place,all eyes on me, burnin' up and a whole bunch more. they also played a couple of new ones. every song was energenic and great. they seemed like they really love there jobs.

the crowd was very cool no fits or riot which is always a good thing. i loved the small crowd because it is more of a personal concert. the dolls really know how to entertain the crowds that they play. they are down to earth funny and willing to interact with there fans. i am for sure go to see them when they come back. it was the best concert i ever had seen. i would never would traded that night for the world. if you ever have the chance to see them do it is worth every penny and more.