From: Stacey

April 10, 1999
Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse
Peoria, IL

Hey Guys! My Goo concert last Saturday was THE best in the WORLD!!! Although it was my second time seeing the goos, it was my first only goo concert, the other one had a compilation of bands. It was a 2 1/2 hour ride to see them in Peoria, and we got SHELLED by hail on the way...pretty scary. Then we got there, and had to find some seats. We couldn't go to our original seats (which were THE last row against the gate!) becase my friend had actually broken her leg 2 days before that, so we got to find empty seats in the 7 or 8th row! anyhoo, the intro band wasn't the new radicals, which dissapointed me, but they were actaully pretty good. Well, just before the goos came on, Dave got up there and played this AWESOME, almost classical, piece of music that was actually kinda scary! But, WOW can his fingers move!! Well, after that, the goos ran on playing dizzy, then they began to chat w/the crowd. Johnny was making up this song...P-E-O-R-I-A! He kept sayin it! Then they played a few more songs..and before name was played, he began telling us what it felt like to have a big hit. well he said "well, we got nominated for 3 grammy's!" then the crowd cheered, but he says "but wait! we lost!!" then he continued.."we get nominated fer 1 mtv music award" everyone cheers "but wait, we LOST!" Then he goes "we go to the american music awards...we don't even get nominated!" he's so funny! then they played a few more songs, and then he begins to REALLY rip on the boy bands! he's like "they all come kickin my ass, w/those baggy pants and choreographed dancing....ha! choreographed dancing....and whats w/that one w/ all that shit in his hair??" I was Busting out laughing!!!! personaly, i can't stand those bands, so i was havin a good time! It was so wierd, though...It was pretty much all college kids, so they all came becase their tickets were only $3, so all they knew were slide, iris, name, and maybe naked. I was havin a BALL! I knew all the songs, and these people would turn around and give me looks cuz i was singing to EVERY song!!! Robby's sooo funny. I don't think he even got through one song w/out doing something wierd. He would occasionally whisper so soft u couldn't hear him, then he'd just not even sing and start running around the stage!Well, heres the set list I managed to write down during it...even though i got some weird looks...
Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Black Balloon
Naked(mike played an awesome solo before it!)
January friend
Stop the World
Full Forever
Another 2nd Time Around
Flat Top
Just the Way You Are
Burnin Up
Hate This Place
2 Days in February
...Ah, 2 Days In February...That was sooo funny! Johnny and Robby would come out and play together...they'd be playing slow and lightly, then all of a sudden, they'd start runnin their pics(or hands) up and down their guitars..not even playing any notes!then, they'd stop and just start playing it normally again!! They also did different lyrics in Flat Top...I think Alex has this in his webpage, but they busted out into "Sweet Home Alabama"! They also introduced the band.."this is so when you go and tell your friends how much this band sucked, you at least get all our names strait!".johnny introduced nathan while he had a beer and cigarette in one hand..."thats fer u girls that like that sort of thing..." then he introduced dave...johnny's like " does n't he look like a big porno producer or something??"Also, throughout the concert, I was on my tippitoes because the stage was so low! I could hardly see! Well, It was a great concert, even though i had to leave w/o meeting any goos, but it still lives on by the ringing in my ears!