From: Mark

Bryce Jordan Center
Oct 19, 1999
State College, PA

A clear, crisp Fall day welcomed our heroes into State College, PA as the tour rolled into the freindly confines of the Bryce Jordan Arena, Penn State U. Luckily, I was able to chat briefly with Robby right after the sound check,�(not always an easy task) -- but he seemed refreshed and ready to go!

FERN opened the concert--they have talent, but a long way to go--interesting "alternative mates-with-Zepplin" type sound. Next up was TONIC, ---what can I say?? These guys will be around for awhile unless they kill themselve's first...

The mighty GOOS came dashing on-stage to the filmilar chords of Dizzy...

             Johnny: Olive-drab cargo pants
                           Black T--crazy hair!
              Robby:  loose black pants/black T
                            traditional barefeet
                 Mike:  black shorts/white T
                            cheers to the under-rated
The set list was basically the same via the summer tour...although there were a few surprises throw about...

The sound was great, but the vocals... That's another story. Johnny missed a few octives early, ("Shut up--You're making me nervous!...) and blew a few lines, but made up for it later with some awesome guitar solo's during FlatTop, Naked and Burnin' Up. Johnny had the 5,500 in stitches early with bras-across-the-world story after a young fan tossed her bra/thong combo at Rez's feet! "Hmmmm...This feels warm... I like that!" quipped the Goo's front-man...

Just before Name, John gave us a choice of stories--and even though I've heard the "College Drinking" story before, It was still pretty cool because Johnny put a different twist on it.

A variety of objects were thrown on-stage and crowd-surfing was keep to a minium... Once again however, a majority of the crowd just did not seem to get into any of the other songs besides the radio hits.

Overall, another special show! Catch ya in Loudenville/Bingh!