From: Lior Samfiru

Midnight Meltdown
Dec 31, 1997
Hard Rock Cafe, New Orleans, LA

Hey there everyone..

Well, i wasn't at the New Years show but my best friend was. He is not
really a goo fan but since he was in New Orleans at the time i made him go
to the show...lucky bastard..:) Well here is the "review" he gave me:
It was free admission and my friend was 2 meteres from stage. He said that
the energy level was great and that t5he goos looked to be in great
spirits. At one point Johnny asked for my friend's watch for the New Years
countdown!! Johnny also said that this was the largest New Orleans crowd
they have ever played in front of. My friend said that Lazy eye was by far
the best recieved song they played (even more than 'NAME') and apparenetly
it rocked. I asked him if they played any new songs, he said that he
thinks so but he wasn't 100% sure...sorry..I know you are all dying to
know about that. In any case he brought me some cool pictures of the boys
from the show, and that's it..