From Colleen…

September 14th

First American Music Center

Nashville, TN


If angels fell to earth, John and Robby, Mike, Nathan and Dave would all be looked upon as such. It seems that they appear right at the moment that people need them most. A bad day at work or school, an argument from hell, or a moment of feeling alone, they are there for us to just simply say, "It's OK."

The Nashville show kicked off with a fantastic side stage set from Doosu(a Texas-based industrial touched band) and Frogpond. Justine, the bassist for Frogpond put on a great showing and it was nice to see Heidi 'let her hair down' for the night. Billy, of course, gave us all the fabulous faces of a drummer playing hard.

Fastball was missed by me due to my BS talk with Frogpond's manager/multipurpose guy, Brad. From afar, though, they sounded splendid. As for Sugar Ray....well, Mark M. needs to pluck the pacifier out, tear the diaper off, and stop fucking whining if something goes wrong! I don't think the crowd witnessed his tantrum, but due to a mic malfunction or what not, he came off to the side by me and crew peeps to the soundboard to chew the guy out. Be real for a split second Mark. You're not worth it. You put your pants on just like the rest off us and I could give a rats ---- if you were once beautiful.

Goos came on and the world exploded once again. Robby, with his voice suffering from the harsh realities of touring and performing every night for the past few shows I attended, sang from his soul and pulled January Friend, etc off beautifully. All I have to say about Robby is "Rock on, man!"

John erupted the crowd with the entrance to 'Slide' and created the glowing harmony of resolution to personal pains with his solo of acoustic #3. The lighting fades him into a silhouette of calm and peace. Aside from the bittersweet breaths of 'Iris' and 'Name', the Goos packed a whomping punch to the ecstatic crowd in Nashville. Nathan wooed and wowed all in the crowd and on the off sides of the stage with his slide guitar riffs and mandolin purrs. The guys around me were literally breathless. He's talent is amazing to watch up close.

Dave needs to get his solo band stuff done so the crazy chicks out there can see his cute self twinkle across his keyboards. Magic fingers in so many ways (think innocent thoughts, kids). Nashville ended on sweet notes and a bit of tearing guitar humms. Nashville-ians walked away glowing, grinning, and... vibrating a bit. What else would you expect from a Goo Goo Dolls show?