From: Cassie

UNO Arena
November 10, 1999
New Orleans, LA

i got to the arena around 3 to check out the MP3 stuff, nothing was set up! i did meet some cool gals! hey christy and stacey! we had floor general admission, so we waited in line forever. we got in the doors at 6 headed straight to the stage and waited. moke, foto, thrillcraft really got the small crowd going. they were great! then it was tonic. those guys were awesome! anyway, GOO came out and it was fabulous! did i mention i was front row center??? yep yep yep! i got plenty of pics, so they'll be added later. john had on his green drawstring pants and a brown/black shirt (depending on the light it changed colors) robby was in a shiny black shirt and i think leather pants with bare feet! nathan had on black as did dave. mike was in a grey shirt with black pants (i think). oh yeah, robby's tongue was blue!!! they started the show off with dizzy. the show was good, only thing john didn't seem to into it. he forgot some of the words to songs and robby seemed well...just a little high! (rock on robby!) being in the front row, i managed to catch robby's eye during january friend and *sigh* he looked at me during the whole song! they played the most of the regular stuff, and they also sang thousand words. the song list was the same as the other shows. it was really cool! the concert was great--don't miss it!