From: Jenny

UNO Arena
November 10, 1999
New Orleans, LA

Hi Alex! I wanted to share my review of November 10, 1999 concert with everyone. So that you will not be bored with what I did before the concert, all I will say is that I was able to take a picture with Nathan, the traveling guitarist and Emerson, the lead singer of Tonic. I was also fortunate enough to have Johnny and Robby walk by with their girlfriends and for John to say, "Hi girls, what's up". The doors of the Lakefront Arena opened at 6 and about 20 minutes later the MP3 bands started to play. Moke and Fono were ok, but Thrill Craft (sorry to offend anyone) were bad and the lead singer is disgusting (it's kind of a long story so ask me later). Well, a little after 8, Tonic came on and they were great! Around 9:30, the Goo Goo Dolls took the stage! They were awesome! They were so great that I can't describe it in words and they were also so full of energy. The set list (as well as I can remember it) is:

Long Way Down
Lazy eye
Full forever
Black Balloon (which was so pretty with the black background, white lights and fog)
Name (no longer the Name story told but the walk of fame story (if u don't know that story, ask me))
Cuz You're Gone with A Thousand Words played during the interlude (this was a great song)
January Friend
Another Second Time Around
Flat Top
Acoustic #3 (another pretty backdrop and leads into....the epic song)
Iris (this was awesome b/c the crowd was singing so loudly)
Just the Way You Are (and down comes the confetti!)
Two Days in February

Johnny also told his favorite joke, the lottery joke, right before he started playing Acoustic #3. If you have never seen the Goo Goo Dolls live, I suggest going to see them. They put on such a great show and have such wonderful music! Sorry if this was kinda long, I tried to keep it short! Stay Gooey!