From: Collene

Murphy Center
November 7, 1999
Murfreesboro, TN

Ah, the bliss of it all. Upon arriving around 3pm, I ventured over to the MP3 stands and my friend working the 102.9 radio station van. I have to say I was extremely disappointed at the set-up. The MP3 station was a great concept, but half of them didn't work right and finding help was mission impossible. The Fender tent had it going on, though, and deserves recognition. Of course, the line to enter the general admission show was three miles long, with the majority of the first mile still in diapers and dressed half naked(even though it's November.) I kicked it with the radio friend and other 102.9ers and after the crowd went down, which took all of 15 minutes, we ventured in. By this time it was 6pm and Moke was playing. Typical starter band. Small set and then they scurried off. The next band, well, we still have no idea who they were. Fono was last before the big show and they were decent. Shocking when we heard the Irish touch of the lead's voice. They pumped the crowd better than many opening bands I've seen and were extremely thrilled to simply be opening for two great bands.

Lights dim and Honkie Tonk Tennessee blares across the sound system. Tonic lead, Emerson Hart, commented his girlfriend was from TN and it was to remember her in her absence. 'Casual Affair' was amazing! The chemistry between Hart and Russo is absolutely spectacular to witness. Jeff Russo has an amazing ability to absorb his fingers into the guitar and it flows out through the speakers. All in all, Tonic gained many new fans that night.

After a 40 minute stage change.....:DISCO FEVER! Lights, like that of Studio 54, spit out from every direction and a disco fever theme blared with a chipmunk-like voice chanting "say Goo goo Gee-dooooooo.." It was absolutely hilarious! Dizzy, Slide, Lazy Eye, etc. went off without a hitch and then the moment, my three year wait to hear the, well, just the coolest thing in the world to me came. "A thousand words but none were spoken.." Rock! For anyone who has never heard Goo's remake of 'Cuz Your Gone', you are missing out on an amazing experience. The words, the passion in John's eyes and how his voice becomes raspy...DAMN! That man can sing! "I want you to know I'm just like you."

During the beginning of Broadway, John completely stopped the song, asked the front people to pass a sign a fan had made. 'You guy's fuckin rock!' Upon reading and showing us, he commented, "Now that's what we like to hear. Can I keep this?" On another sign he pulled up later, the back had a picture of him performing at a show and he was grabbing his crotch. Completely denying that he grabbed his crotch, he flipped the poster and it said, "Feel free to use 'our' hands!" It was a truly Kodak type moment.

Robby!!!!! Without Robby, the shows energy level would flip to a 2. The guy knows how to work it and work it hard! Full forever was awsome, as always. His voice seemed crispy and crunchy, just the way we like. Word has it that he went to the after-party show with Fono at a local bar and simply asked a few fans hanging around the buses after the show to drive him over. Just one of the peeps, that's our Robby!

Nathan had the most hilarious shirt on! Yellow with the Monopoly jailer running after...I forget what he was running after. Cool shirt, though. As he stepped up to the plate to do the slide of Iris, girls' heart were pounding, panties were bunching, and it's easy to say, Nathan has gained drewl status. Dave, on the other hand, was looking evil (in a truly great way.) The lights made it really hard to see him, but the notes were right on and the little shaker thing is a cool touch.

Michael was picked on by John as usual. One of the best highlights of the Goo Goo Dolls' show is Mike's drum solo. True rock and roll will never die as long as drummers like Mike keep up the traditions. Mike deserves the spotlight just as much as Robby and John and for atleast 20 seconds, it's all his.

The audience was small, about 1200, and there was plenty of room to move on the floor. Even the top of the stands were excellent seats. Sound was excellent and the overall spirit was great. This was my last show till the new year and it was an excellent way to go out. Until the next millenium......