From: Tyrone

April 6, 1999
Morehead St. University
Morehead, KY

My sister dropped a friend of mine and me off in front. We arrived there at about 7:10 and there was hardly anyone there, she was able to drop us off right by the door. We already had our tickets and headed into the arena to look at the stage setup before it go crowded.

We headed back out into the lobby to so that i could get a t-shirt. There wasnt a large selection of shirts and stickers to buy, but the ones they had for sale were pretty good so I bought a Goo Goo Dolls T-Shirt. We saw a few of our friends that had seats on the floor compared to ours in the back, because we had gotten our tickets the day before.

I noticed that the security and ushers were college kids that went to Morehead I guessed. There were only 3 of 4 actual police that I saw in the arena. They played music over the speakers as people filtered in and started taking there seats.

New Radicals were set to open up. They were ok. I only really knew one of there songs, which they saved for last. We didnt want to sit in our seats so we made our way to the floor section. We just hung around the back and waited for there set to be over which was nothing special.

The lights came back on and the right in front of the stage was filled with people. The aisle were filled. So some guy in a green shirt started kicking ppl out of the front and they went and waited on the side. They tried to get ppl to move out of the side, but it didnt work.

FINALLY the lights went out, everyone that had just been told to leave the front went back. I was in the 9th row back, you had to stand on top of your chair to even see the stage. As they ran out onto the stage the floor people went wild. The people in the stands were mostly sitting which disapointed me. But I was having a good time in the front.

A few intersting things happened while they were on the stage. They turned some lights that are on the light holding structure on, and John started talking about all the good looking ppl. A father in the middle section had his son on his shoulders and he had a little toy guitar. John pointed him out and said that he was trying to take his job and could have it.

Also John nocked over one of the microphone stands. A stage attendent ran out to set it up. On his way back to the side of the stage, he cut of John, John then ran after him while still playing his guitar. This was a funny party of the show. One of the back up guitarist also had a black Morehead State shirt on.

Then when they left the stage saying it was over everyone just continuned to cheer. They came back out, and he had a towel wrapped around his head like a terbin. Then he through the towel out into the crowed. During the show John paid a lot of attention to the ppl on the front right side of the stage, his left. He talked to them while Robby was singing. He gave them a guitar pic also.

When it was really over, he smashed a guitar on the stage, and knocked the drums over. He commented on how a girl was about to take her shirt off for him. Things ranging from shirts and hats to bras were thrown on the stage but the band didnt pay any attention to them. John also sprayed water onto the crowd and said he hoped that the security didnt kick his ass. I will definatly see another show when they come back.