Uncaseville, CT - Mohegan Sun Casino
March 6, 2003

From: Dances With Goo & GiTG

This was definitely the best of the GGD/Jovi shows we've seen so far ! Some highlights/stories.... - The setlist GREW!! They added Think About Me, Naked (!!!), and January Friend (!!!!!!) - They were very chatty tonight too. John spotted a girl in the audience wearing a tiara (for Bon Jovi... they have a song about a "Beauty Queen from Mars"), and he asked to see it... he put it on his head and pretended to be ...well... a beauty queen! He said something like "I feel pretty!" and pretended to have boobs ... Yeah, you kinda had to be there to get it, but he was just hilarious! - Those Yeah girls... I think they were clones...there were 3 of them... hmm. They were very flirty. - We were really surprised when Robby walked back up to the mic after he had already sung his usual 2 songs, and started to talk about SURFING... You can figure out what came next - January friend! Here are our little tales now... - GITG here... I was sitting in the second row (wearing the red bandana!)... During Slide, John looked and pointed at me while singing "I wanna wake up where you are........." (I must have screamed so loudly...!!!) - Dances with Goo here... I was supposed to be in the 6th row, but snuck up to the barrier. I held up a sign to Robby that said 'Robby For PEZident!'. He read it and acknowledged it with one of his appreciative looks. THEN, a few seconds later, I notice him tossing something green in my direction. I reach out for it, it touches my hand, but I miss and it falls to the ground. I tap the grumpy CT security guy on the shoulder and ask him to pick it up for me. To my surprise, it's one of the PEZ dispensers that was sitting on top of the gear box. It's one of those Sourz with the crazy looking face, and the best part is IT WAS HALF-LOADED WITH THE PEZ! So I ate one! It was great! It was kind of a GOOd trade, because before the show I saw Miyoko and gave her a gift for Robby, a PEZ Paddywagon to put on top of his gear box, to keep Homer Simpson company! I love... I love when things work out.