From: Ellie

December 19, 1998
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

Okay, so the show starts at 3pm. There's 8 different groups. The Goos are 2nd to last. It ended a little after 11pm. Yuck. I don't think I ever want to go to one of those again. Everyone was so tired that when they got to the GOOD groups, it was hard to get excited. Those groups were Garbage, Semisonic, the Goos (of course), and Beck (oops- he's not exactly a group, is he?).

So, me and my 2 friends had pretty crappy seats....2nd level, but we had a good view. It really sucked in comparison to their show at First Ave less than a month ago, since we were right in front of the stage then. So, anyway- Semisonic played before the Goos, and they provided a desperately needed shot in the arm with their last 2 songs- they taught the audience the chorus and the lead singer had everyone sing it with him. The group was so pumped playing in their hometown to a sold out, humungous crowd that they really livened things up- they closed with the ever- so-popular "Closing Time", and somehow managed to get EVERYONE out of their seats, belting out the song for about 10 minutes.

So this was a VERY tough act to follow. Everyone was getting antsy and bored, and the Goo Goo Dolls did their whole opening they always do with "Dizzy"- you know, the weird organ music, the water-dripping noise, the strobe lights- and everyone around us was like,"cut the crap- get out here!", which bothered me.

So they finally came out, and they did the most kick ass version of "Dizzy" I've ever heard, but everyone seemed stunned in the audience- like,"whoa- that's not Iris!". Johnny was desperately trying to get the audience into it. He was running wild all over the stage, he couldn't stand still- he was screaming stuff like,"WAKE UP!" and squirting people with his water a lot....he kicked over the mic stands, and did some wacky cool things with his singing to get some attention- which worked. He just threw himself into it.

By the time they did "Slide", everyone was into it- they got everyone on the floor bouncing like usual. Zone105 plays "Naked", "Name", "Iris", and "Slide" all the time, so those songs were big hits with the audience, but the rest they seemed so bothered me. The acoustics in the Target Center aren't the greatest, since it's more like a stadium....but they sounded totally awesome.

Here's the set list: Dizzy, Long Way Down, January Friend, Slide, Black Balloon, Bulletproof, Naked, Name, and Iris. Johnny had to tell a modified version of the "Name" story. He had to shut everyone up, and he started playing it and said,"when we found out this song was out on the radio, we thought it was all over- that we were finished. But, it turned out to be a pretty cool song...but then I got this letter from a punk rocker dude- it said,'Dear Faggot, You suck. You're a sellout. That song is fucking awful' and I was like,'oh well- you can't please everybody'. "

Oh, by the way, Johnny sported his usual tousled hair look, the white tank top, and some baggy old green khakis, rolled up to his shins. Robby had on all black, Dave had on a black shirt and these weird silvery-plastic pants, Mike had on his usual t-shirt and shorts, and Nathan had on his leather pants and a nice green shirt. Both Johnny and Robby were barefoot.

There were tons of parts where Johnny, Robby, AND Nathan got all together, like, in the middle of the stage and totally jammed. They seemed really energetic. Johnny introduced Nathan right before his "Iris" guitar solo and had everyone cheer because it was his birthday- Nathan grinned.

It was a great performance, because they were trying to get these half-asleep kids pumped up, but it just bothered me that it took awhile- they weren't too receptive at all to "Dizzy" and "Bulletproof"- like it was too hard on their ears or something.

Johnny ran off stage after "Name", came back alone, and whistled really loud and was like,"Are you guys happy yet? Are you having fun yet?? Are you awake yet?? Well, I guess NOW you will be..." and he started playing "Iris"...and everyone got very happy indeed. Lots of one-track-minds there... Oh well- I guess you can't please everyone...