From: Shelly

First Avenue
Nov 22, 1998
Minneapolis, MN

The place was packed even for the opening band,we got there late because the last time i was there no one even stood on the main floor for the opening band! So we got there right before Buffalo Tom was done,they sounded pretty good from what i heard. We got up pretty close on the side,up a level,so i had almost an eye level view to the band! They took almost 40 minutes to get the stage ready which sucked but it was way worth it!!

they started with "dizzy",and as soon as they jumped out i knew this was going to be one hell of a concert!! They were so full of energy. Johnny had on a white tank top,army green pants cut off,and a black bandana/hat,he looked so amazing i could barely keep my eyes off him!! Robby had on all black,i couldn't see whether or not he was wearing socks! Nathan December was wearing tight dark green leather pants and a yellow shirt. We saw him outside when we were coming in but i didnt' know it was him but i knew he was someone important! now i wish i had known it was him,i could have asked him to lead us to the band for some autographs!

Anyway,the second song was "long way down" (my personal favorite). musically they sounded perfect. Johnny might have missed a few lyrics but no one cared! He talked to the audience alot,including joking around at the beginning of "name",saying how he was in his car and he heard it on the radio,he was in the supermarket and he heard it there,then the crowd went nuts when it started! the crowd also loved "iris",of course. But the longtime fans showed their support by going nuts on the main floor during all the hard songs.

Other songs they did were;Naked,Flattop,lazy eye,fallin down,another second time around,january friend,black balloon,broadway,slide,all eyes on me,hate this place,just the way you are,a few other Robby songs,probably a few others but right now i can't remember!! they also did one where it was just Robby and Johnny onstage and it was really pretty and slow then for a minute they both got really hard but i don't know what that song was (Two Days in February).

Johnny looked out into the audience a lot and of course everyone thinks he is looking at them so when he was looking my way i smiled at him and he smiled back! of course,he probably wasn't looking directly at me,but it's a nice thought!! overall they played for about an hour and a half. I was very very impressed and i can't wait to see them again on Dec.19 when they play Minneapolis again for the "Zone for the Holidays" charity concert!