Minneapolis, MN - Excel Energy Center
July 15, 2003
From: Katie

I thought the goos did an awesome job last night... much better than when they opened back in febuary when i saw them. Someone threw a huge pair of panties on stage and John had fun talking about that. There seemed to be a lot of goo fans in the audience with signs etc. One girl had a sign that said "NICE PACKAGE" and john made her give it to him, and he was laughing so hard and looking down at his pants. And then they went into sympathy and half way through, Robby pulled the sign up and was parading around behind John with it, and John got all flustered and screwed up the rest of the song. It was funny!! John screwed up the end of Iris too. But its all good... I thought they did a great job. Bon Jovi was pretty cool cause they did the first half of their set acoustic... so they were all on stools doing unplugged versions of a lot of their songs. It was different, but it was cool.