Minneapolis, MN - Excel Energy Center
July 15, 2003
From: Goo Liquor

The night was nothing short of a dream! After a few drinks at a local pub, we realized the time (15 minutes 'til show time!) so we grabbed our concert paraphernalia and took off running (or rather, TRIPPING, thanks to those Lemon Drop Martini's we had consumed), knowing that our second row seats were awaiting us. Arriving just in time and as the lights were going down, I searched my secret hiding place (le brassiere) for my camera, finding it just in time to look up and see Johnny's beautiful face mouthing the words to "Dizzy" while decked out in a black tank and camo self-ripped shantz. Excitement exuded the 20,000 seat Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis, I swear you could hear the audience reaction all the way to St. Paul! Knowing it could not possibly get any better than this, our faces ached from smiling so much. As "Black Balloon" came piercing through the speakers, Mike, the Goo security guard, pointed at us and motioned for us to come forward, past first row and up to the rail surrounding the stage. When security from the venue tried to interfere, Mike gave them the okay and said that we were permitted to be there. Immediately we popped out our sign and Johnny pointed at us and quickly came over and read it, mouthing the words as a smile came to his face, he leaned down and remarked personally to us as we turned it over with an already prepared comment. Johnny seemed to like it, pointing at us once again and laughing. Robby was his usual rambunctious self, banging his bass while wearing black (non-Kenneth Cole) socks and making lots of eye contact. The funniest moment seemed to be when Johnny grabbed a sign from the audience that said, "Nice Package!". He held it in front of himself while proudly showing Robby what others believe to be his true manhood. John then threw down the sign and proceeded to go into "Sympathy". Robby was sitting on the drum stoop shakin' his shaky toy and leaned over and grabbed the sign and paraded it around John who then did his own rendition of Wayne and Garth ("SHWING!"). The boys soon ended the night with "Iris" and as they walked off the stage, Johnny said, "The dream is over"....and so it was.... Just a quick mention, although we most certainly were not there for Bon Jovi, their show was quite remarkable. The first hour was acoustic and devoted to B-sides & audience requests (VERY cool!), the next hour and and a half plugged in and rockin'! The other Jon surely can shake his business like no other Elvis impersonator. Quite a night and worth every hard-earned penny. A special thanks to Mike for making this night so memorable and passing on gifts, and also to the nice roadie who blessed us with a couple setlists. Back to reality now....