Minneapolis, MN - Excel Energy Center
July 15, 2003
From: Dizzilyblue, fanofgoo

Yeah, during "Sympathy", John was like, "I don't see no package!" . . . but (I don't want to sound inappropriate) *cough* someone was really happy . . . John also referred to the underwear the kind his grandma would wear, and he hoped he'd never see the kind again - unless he caught his grandma in the bathroom! Robby also forgot to sing the last part of "Tucked Away". John even sang into Rob's mic to try to help him out which was cute. Robby was all, "Screw it! I forgot the words!" Specifically during "Iris", the part John messed up (and it was HILARIOUS - loved it!!!) was right after the solo. Normally he'd just go into a full-fledged chorus, right? Instead, I guess he forgot what part of the song he was at, so he started singing the FIRST verse again! After two lines, he paused and realized what he did, so he just finished the verse. OMG! I almost forgot the practically best part of my night: I GOT A SETLIST!!! It's the first one I've ever gotten, and I almost didn't make it in time to the front of the stage to get one. But I did, and I'm so happy! I think I got the one on Greg's side 'cause I saw the guy pull it off the floor from that vicinity. Greg was also out there tuning his guitar or whatnot right before the Goos' set, but I wasn't able to say hi to him or anything. Oh, and while the Goos' update mentions new merchandise, you can't see it in the photo, I guess, but they also have a new black tote bag! I got one; it was $20.00. It has their name in white with a row of the pink flowers underneath. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We were at the show too! It was awesome! Just like the others already described. I've been really wishin' for another Meet-n-Greet though. We've been wanting a chance to talk with them again and see them close up. Very cool...this time I brought my mom who is 57 years old and she absolutely lOVED the Goos. I've been raving about them, of course for years, but she's never seen them in concert until now and is totally converted! She wants all their CD's and asked me to e-mail all my pictures to her and she even wants a t-shirt to show off, which I'm going to buy for her off their web site. I'm so excited to know that she finally has seen the light!