From Tina


August 10th

Marcus Amphitheater

Milwaukee, WI



As always the Goo Goo Dolls were great! I have no complaints about their performance, only with the fans. I have been a fan since 1993, when my husband turned me on to them. I know all their songs from their last 4 albums--too bad no one else at the concert did; too many teenagers (I'm 33). Don't get me wrong, I love "Slide", but let's face it,"There You Are" is better. Too many people were interested in Johnny; when Robby did his songs, no one even listened. I felt bad for Robby, he's got some awesome songs, and if people would just quit looking at Johnny and listen to the music. I miss the old days when they played in holes in the wall for 50-100 fans who were there to enjoy the music. If you like the Goo Goo Dolls because you think Johnny is cute, you are missing out on some great music. My advice to all you teenie boppers is go buy a copy of "Superstar Car Wash", and "Hold Me Up". There is some awesome music on there, and they were made before Johnny traded his long scraggly locks for his ultra hip do, before the tight clothes, before the nail polish...but don't get me wrong, I think Johnny is hot, but I go the concerts to hear their music. I just wish more people in Milwaukee had enjoyed the sounds as much as the view...Rock on Robby!

P.S. I just thought of a complaint: they didnít play "Girl Right Next to Me"!