From Aimee

August 10th

Marcus Amphitheater

Milwaukee, WI


Hi. I'm Aimee, and this is my review. OK! Well, I’m gonna start off by saying that the GGD concert on August 10th in Milwaukee, WI was AWESOME!!! It was my second Goo concert, and it was just as great if not even better "another second time around." *lol* First, I’d like to thank my Uncle for getting me tickets while I was on vacation. Too bad the meet & greet thing didn’t work out. We were invited to that, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, it was canceled. Oh well, I just had to settle for going to an incredible concert. And thanx Alex for your wonderful site that let me know about the concert way in advance so I could devise a plan to get tickets while out of the country.

Well, on the day of the concert I was above and beyond the "excited" level and well into "hysterical." I had tennis in the morning, so at least I had something to do with myself for 2 hours and an outlet for my energy. But my coach wasn’t too thrilled to see my air-guitaring with my racket. So, then I went home where it was me vs.. the curling iron for a few hours. And I managed to get "GGD" painted on my nails.

At about 5:30, my uncle and his wife picked me and my friend Jennifer--not a Goo fan, but we’re working on that--up, and we left for the Marcus amphitheater. We arrived at about 6:00 pm, and there were several people grilling out in the parking lot listening to "Dizzy Up the Girl," and Broadway was on. So I decided it was time for me to sing my version --"Milwaukee is dark tonight". Obviously my singing wasn’t in high demand. so, the 4 of us walked towards the Marcus, and at every radio we passed, there was a different Goo song, and I was singing, until we got to the entrance where the Levi’s bus was parked. We signed the mural and my uncle knew one of the Levi’s Fuse guys, so we got to go inside the Levi’s bus. And that thing was majorly cool! There were a whole bunch of TVs in there playing GGD, Sugar Ray and Fastball videos and the sides were lined with couches, and everything was really colorful. So, we looked around and on our way out, I recognized one of the local DJs from 103.7 kiss fm--I knew it was him cuz the other djs always tease him about looking like Bob Saget. So, we went through the gates and went on to the Kiss fm van, where the friendly kiss DJs gave us "KISS FM" tattoos. And it was kinda funny. The 102.1 van was right across the street, and they were having kind of a "war of the djs."

Then we moved on to the merchandise tent. I bought a white T-shirt with the Goos’ picture on the front and the "GGD dizzy" logo on the back. And a Goo Goo Dolls necklace-- which I have vowed never to take off.

We then went and found our seats. My friend and I walked around and found the place where you could look down at the tour busses where people were screaming and chanting "WE WANT GOO!" so then Nathan came out on a bike and rode around the busses waving at everyone--it was so cool. I couldn’t get over the fact that this was Nathan December and Oh my God I was gonna faint or something--only joking--, so I just screamed with the rest of the psychos. lol. We also saw one of the guys from Fastball walking around down there. So, Nathan finished his little stunt show, and Jennifer and I killed more time. and we saw these girls walking around with Iris flowers which I thought was such a cute idea.

So, one extra large caffeine-packed mountain dew soda later, I was enormously....energetic and skipping along happily singing "We Are the Normal". Of course we had to run into some guys from our school who know me. It was time for Fastball, so we found our seats and my uncle and Guida joked around how they were gonna "ROCK ON with Hard Ball, Sugar Cube, and Goo Goo Eyes." And one of the Kiss DJs, Van "the man" Macneil was sitting 2 rows behind us, and we were waving at him, but he didn’t care.

Fastball came on, and they just ROCKED. I love those guys, and "Fire escape" was awesome. They didn’t get a huge reaction from the crowd like Sugar Ray or the GGD, but everyone seemed to like their performance. And then Sugar Ray came on with their cool beach party set and background. And they were awesome as well. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t understand a word that Mark McGrath spoke between songs. It was probably funny too, but maybe it was just the acoustics in the Marcus. Everyone was standing by this time, and "Every Morning" was just so cool. And then they left, and they started setting up the stage for the Goos.

I did a little restroom performance of "Flat Top" much to Jennifer’s embarrassment during the intermission. And when we got back to our seats, I decided I was gonna be really cool so I started waving my goo T-shirt around and screaming "GOO GOO DOLLS! BEHOLD THE POWER OF GOO! GOO GOO TO YOU!"

And then the lights went out just as someone was being carried down the stairs on a stretcher. I have no idea what happened to them. The Goos just exploded onto the stage with Dizzy. I’d seen them live once before, but I don’t think I entirely remembered how incredible they are on stage. I was jumping, and dancing, and screaming, and singing, and loudly declaring my love for the members of the band. "YOU GO MIKE! NATHAN YOU KICK ASS! I LOVE YOU JOHNNY! DAVE RULES! ROBBY YOU’RE MY JANUARY FRIEND! I wonder what I looked like to everyone else sitting around me who somehow managed to stay still. The people around me kept turning and looking at me, so my guess is they loved me. lol.

The audience was so great and enthusiastic. Even the people who had quite obviously come for Sugar Ray were sucked in by the Goos’ performance. The GGD played the usual set list, and substituted "Fallin’ Down" and "There You Are"--yay!-- in place of "Lucky Star" and "Million Miles Away."

Now, I’m gonna try to recall every single word that left John and Robby’s mouths during the entire night. Actually, they talked a lot more at the other concert I went to, but that’s OK. And I won’t remember word for word, but this is mostly what they said:

Well, a little bit into the concert, someone threw something onstage. I think it was a bra with something attached to it?? but I’m not entirely sure what it was. John picked it up and said, "someone threw this on stage, and it says ‘congratulations. you have just been laid.’ I’m gonna hand this off to the side." and he handed it to the guy who took it off the stage. And then he was like, "Man, I haven’t been laid in weeks." Later, he said, "We’d like to thank Fastball and Sugar Ray for kicking so much ass. Hello Milwaukee!! We’ve been coming here for a long time. And you guys are always so good to us. We love you guys. We’ve been on tour for almost a year now. And we’ve been around the world twice—and remembered it once. You’re all young. But we’re old."

Later he introduced the band. From what I remember he was like, "On guitar is Mr. Nathan December. From the toughest city in America." And Nathan flexed and did a muscle man pose. And John said "I was lying, by the way, about that being the toughest city in America. And behind the keyboard and in the leather pants is Mr. Dave Schultz. And that leaves us with the 3 jerks in the band. The truth is, the reason we bring these guys along, is that we suck as a 3-some. These guys put it together for us. On drums is Mr. Mike Malinin. And on bass and vocals is Mr. Robby Takac."

And lets see.....Oh yeah. Robby said, "Are you all having fun, Milwaukee?" And then he said something about "doing this for 13 years" as well as something else I didn’t hear. :-(

And when they shone the spotlight on John, John was like, "Can you turn that damn spotlight off? I hate those things." And then, a few seconds later, they put another one on him, and he was like, "You wanna turn that one off too?" And when he was about to play "acoustic #3", he said, "I wrote this song. and I couldn’t figure out what to name it, so, I didn’t name it anything." And for "there you are"-- "this song was our first video." But no one ever saw it. thank God." For "two days in February"-- "this song is about a boy and a girl--and a boy and a girl and a boy and a girl.......and a phone bill that eventually destroyed the relationship." Also, he threw the mic stand aside and used the mic hanging from the ceiling for a while. He said "I like using this one cuz it makes me feel like I’m announcing a big fight!" Right before "name" he said, "this song was our first hit. People always ask me, ‘isn’t it great to have a big hit?’ And I’m like, ‘No! That shit gives me nightmares!’ see, when you have success, people say very bad things about you. People wanna f*ck with you. I mean, all these people are saying, ‘you rock!’ they think you’re great. But there’s always one f*cker who says, ‘you suck!’ Everything you’ve done in your life leads up to where you are now. And where we all are right now is pretty amazing!" Well, that’s all I can remember about what they said.

The "Greed in Action" film was cool. It was kind of like greed was being sold as a product. It was so funny. but a lot of people in the audience were like, "what the hell?" and lots of people left—including the Kiss fm DJ. But it was their problem if they missed the end of the best most awesome show. After the film, there was an explosion of confetti, and the Goos did their encore. And people still kept leaving. So, the whole row in front of us was empty, which I didn’t mind cuz it improved my view of the Goos and hopefully their view of me. I succeeded in my goal to lose my voice at the end of the show.

If I had to choose, the best songs performed were--well ALL OF THEM--but the highlights for me were "There You Are" "Burnin’ Up" "Iris" "Dizzy" "Fallin’ Down" and "Hate this Place." And of course during "Name", "Black Balloon", "Acoustic #3", and "Iris", the cigarette lighters all came out. And during "Black Balloon", people were tossing black balloons around.

The final song came too soon, and during "2 Days in Feb.", the screen was lowered again and showed a girl talking on the phone. And then, John and Robby threw their guitars and mic stands through the screen. And John stayed and gave high-5s to the people in front. And then it was over, and I was still screaming.

All in all, OH WOW DID THEY ROCK!!!! It’s just incredible how their performance draws you in, and they have so much energy and charisma. They were all over the stage. Pointing at places in the audience. John pointed in my general direction twice. But, hey there were like 500 people in my general direction. They never stopped moving, and neither did I!

On the way home, Jennifer and I were holding my T-shirt up to the window and waving at other cars and a group of very nice girls beeped their horn at us and waved. By the way, my uncle is gonna review the concert in his magazine. I think this concert is gonna get a good review. Anyway, I’m sure the concert will keep Milwaukee dizzy for days. I have the hoarse voice and the sore head-banging muscles to prove it. This is definitely gonna be "one day forever" for me. :-)