Milwaukee, WI - Bradley Center
February 27, 2003

From: TigerLily

HOWDY!! I went to the Milwaukee show, and OUR BOYS ROCKED!! I had 2nd row center seats- It was awesome. Can't really remember the setlist , but I think it was what everyone else has been saying. The biggest problem was that the guys weren't on for long enough. People in the audience seemed to really enjoy them, although the hall was not nearly full when they came out. Now some !! The security guards turned into complete jerks when Bon Jovi came on. Every 2 minutes one of them would ask me for my ticket, and when I couldn't find it, one of them made me go out and have a meeting with some big head guy. They let me back, but didn't give me back the same seat cuz I lost my stub. I didn't really care, cuz Bon Jovi was BORING. Sorry fans of that band, they just don't hold a candle to our guys. JR is so down to earth, and accessible, (and GORGEOUS ) Okay I did not just post that and Robby is so full of energy, smiling all the time... and Mike -steadfast, keeping the beat. Makes me smile just to remember I left after BJ's 3rd song- got tired of being molested by the moronic security people. I cannot wait til GGD headlines again!! I'm supposed to go to Chicago tomorrow, but I wish I had better seats- I'm spoiled now One thing I forgot to mention was that John kept forgetting the words to Sympathy, and having to start over. I think he insinuated that it had something to do with a girl in the front rows breasts , although I don't think she lifted her shirt up or anything like that. John was wearing the most adorable hat, too. I like it better than the bandana look. He looks so young, especially compared to JBJ. I kind of wish I'd taken a camera, but I don't like to piss anyone off with the flash, and they never come out without one. I did know where the buses were, and they were very accessible. I could have walked right up to them, no one was around, and it wasn't like the other shed tours where they were fenced off by barbed wire, and electrical shock wiring The problem was, I was afraid I actually WOULD see the guys, and THEN what... Kris, you especially know how terrified I am of actually TALKING to them. So I told myself I was inappropriately attired( which I was ) for the cold, and went in my car, and it was so warm with the heater on, that I JUST WENT HOME. Today I could kill myself for not trying, but last night I had a case of shyness And I didn't want to look like a stalker. I did get a chance to talk to Mike (Decaf )before the show, and I gave him a present. That's the only reason they even let me back in when I lost my ticket stub, cuz some other security dude saw me do it, and that made me "OK". If you guys had been there, I'm sure I would have been braver What are you up to today?