From Mark…

August 29th

Orange County Fairgrounds


The Boy's were in fine fashion at the Orange County Fairgrounds/Speedway on 8/29...

I blew off FastBall & Sugar Ray, drank some brews and waited for the real concert to start.

It was just about pitch black when the familiar echoing synth rang through the Speedway before an estimated 8,000 fans---and suddenly they were on stage to the pounding chords of "Dizzy"! Johnny was strutting and Robby was slamming, as the Goo's blasted their way through a mind-blowing 100 minute set that included all the usual favs...

I can honestly say I've never heard the guys sound better than tonight, although "Mr. Entertainment", Johnny R was a bit raspy-- (must've been one hell of a night at the Finger Lakes the night before).


Johnny told a harlot’s tale of early campus binge drinking prior to singing "Name" -- He honestly had the crowd in stitches as he poked fun at naive freshmen everywhere!

True to their craft--The Goos rocked the house!