From: Matt

Hedgcock Fieldhouse
November 17, 1998
Marquette, MI

The Goo Goo Dolls were prefroming in Marquette MI. On November 17th and Let me tell you it rocked!

But before we got to feel the excitement we got to feel cold. Me my friend Eric and my other friend Crystal, got there at about 6:00 (when the doors opened) and there was a line of about 2000 ahead of us waiting to get in. But we didnt feel so stupid after seeing the other couple thousand people behind us. When we finally got into the Hedgcock Fieldhouse, we had no time to take a pee, or even think. We litteraly ran to the best seat we could see, and we stayed there. The show was supposed to start at 7, but Buffalo Tom has a little trouble with starting on time. About twenty after seven, Buffalo Tom finally got on stage. They were pretty damn cool for being there opening act! After they got done, there was about a 45 minute wait before the Goo Goo Dolls made their entry. All of a sudden the lights went out, and a person in a white suit came out and lit a few candles on stage, and a split second later, lights started flashing, and they began to jam to "Dizzy". Which is one of my favorites.

I have no idea what order their songs went in because I was totally in awe. In case you were wondering Johnny was wearing his navy tank top and leather pants. The same get up that he is wearing in his slide video. Anyway the band rocked and John shared a few stories. Including the Name story and commenting on how many of us there were. But unlike many other reviews I have read, they're was crowd surfing everwhere and moshing too. I think the Goos like the excitement from the crowd. Throughout the night I was waiting for Iris and Slave Girl. Iris was there last song. It was great everyone singing along and all of the lighters lit. After the band left the stage, many people started to leave but the good majority stayed and chanted and screamed for am encore. Than the band came running out and played a 5 song encore witch included Slave Girl. After the last song of the night, Johnny did something that will always be in my mind. He started to leave then came ba!ck and tried to destroy his guitar. He threw it to the stage many times, before he really started to beat on it. When it finally smashed, he threw it to the crowd and went off stage. All in all the night was the greatest night in my life, and I am going to try to get to another one soon. IT RULED!!!!!!!