From: Jenn

July 21, 1999
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

The Goos were sooooo awesome!!! I can't get over how good they are live...but I'll start at the beginning. Okay, I got to the venue (Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View) only about an hour before the show started (6:30)...I couldn't leave earlier to try to see the guys because I had summer school and I had to wait for my sister...anyway, when I got there, I was sort of surprised because there wasn't much of a line to get in. When I got to the front of the line, though, there were signs posted everywhere that said, "Due to sudden illness, Sugar Ray will not be performing tonight..." That night was the first concert in which Sugar Ray couldn't perform because of Mark McGrath losing his voice...I was pretty dissapointed since I'm also a Sugar Ray fan (although all traces of my dissapointment dissappeared when John, Robby, Mike & crew came on stage =))...I think others were dissapointed, too, and I think some people even because of all the changes, I think it took a little longer for things to be re-arranged, set-up, etc. But after awhile, Fastball came on and did their bit.

They were pretty dang good, but the crowd just weren't into it...I only knew about 3 of their songs ("Out of My Head," "The Way," & "Fire Escape")...I think they also played a longer set than usual due to the cancellation of Sugar Fastball did their thing, and the guys on stage started clearing it for THE GOO GOO DOLLS! I was getting waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too excited! After it got dark (around 8:45-9)the jumbo screen above the stage displayed the GGD/dizzy logo, and all the lights went off...and BANG...the guys jumped on stage and started singing, "Dizzy"...I went INSANE!!!

The guys all looked great...I couldn't see Mike that well, but I think he was wearing a blue shirt...Robby had the loose shirt/pants w/no shoes thing going on (he looked really great!) and Johnny was wearing the cowboy hat =), green cargos/surplus pants, a white tank with the GGD/! dizzy logo, and airwalks...hehe =D...I was belting the words of the songs out at the to p of my lungs...the crowd was loving them...they were so awesome!!! I forgot when it was (either before, during, or right after "Dizzy")...but John yelled to the crowd, "Everyone stand up. I'm standing up, so you stand up!" Pretty much everyone was standing up already, but when he said that, everyone screamed and cheered and the entire audience stayed standing up for the rest of the show. It was so great!

The rest of the show went on much like the others, I should imagine...some of my favorite parts were when they did "Slide" and after singing "I wanna wake where you are..." at one part..all the girls were John looked at this one girl and said, "How old are you?" (which brings me to a question that I'll just stick in here...does he say "how old is she?" in the song in the background [around 2:43 on the CD] or is he saying something like "i won't say anything"??) I! t was so cute and funny. =)

Another favorite part of mine was when Robby was singing "January Friend" (I think it was during that song, I sorta forgot, forgive me!) and John went over to the keyboardist (is it Dave Schulz?) and kicked was hilarious because the keyboardist was trying to get him back but couldn't...

Otherwise, my favorite songs performed were definitely when Robby sang "Full Forever," "Broadway," "Black Balloon," "Name," and "Acoustic #3"..."Name" was totally bringing me to tears...and "Acoustic #3" being one of my favorites was just so awesome...I went hysterical! John just came out onto the darkened stage...and then the spotlight was turned on and he was playing his acoustic, sounding soooo sweet!!! It was awesome...the show seemed to be almost coming to an end...after the Goos did "Iris" they said they'd be right back...they got off the stage and an extra screen was lowered on the stage (in addition to the one that was on top/in front of the stage )...and the "Greed" clip was was sorta weird...but cool...and as it ended...the guys jumped back on stage with an explosion of confetti...I was in awe...

I think they sang "Just the Way You Are"...(forgive me for forgetting some things, I'm still a little cloudy from all the exicitement..hehe)...The show ended with "2 Days in February" was great...John introed it as a song about "a boy, a girl, and a telephone bill" was so cute...and being the last song I loved it so much...I didn't want the show to end...but it did...John and Robby threw their guitar and bass into the screen on the stage(it looked like a paper screen, not a real one, but I'm not sure)...they had really good aim...hehe...and then the show was over...I didn't want it to be over, but nevertheless, it was probably the best concert I ever went to...I had sooooo much fun, and I can't wait until the guys come back into town!!! (sorry for blabbering so much everyone...take care all! =))