Louisville, KY - Kentucky State Fair
August 15, 2003
From: goober1013

review time!! so, let me sum it up in two words. . .KICK ASS!!! alright, so me, sis, her friend, my friend, my mom, her friend, and my uncle all made our way to freedom hall. i get the new Goo poster, a nice cool beverage and head to our seats. on the way to the seats, we met HollivGoo, one of the sweetest Goo fans you'll ever meet. chatted with her a bit and go to our seats. Uncle Kracker comes on. he was pretty cool, got up there and did his thing. i always have to give credit to opening acts because sometimes people really aren't into them, but the crowd seemed to really enjoy his performance. met nyc after Uncle Kracker, her seat was right in front of mine. chatted with her a bit, very nice. Sugar Ray was awesome, their bassist was absolutely yummy, reminds me alot of Rob Estes. anyone know who he is? anygoo, they opened with the Bartender song and had an actual bar and bartender behind them. a really cute little guy with sunglasses and a sombrero speaking really bad spanish, Senor Mejor, which means old man. they jammed, had these two boxes covered in red fabric that Mark McGrath would stand on and let me tell ya, great view from my 4th row seats. shook his tush alot (yummy), did a funny little 80's dance and jumped off the stage into the crowd much to the security's dismay. my mother was in section 15 and she said when he jumped off the stage the security guard next to her said, "aww, hell! no, he did not!" and booked it to the front. there was a fight too, maybe alot of people trying to make it to Mark. now for the Goo! me and my friend put our cat ears on as soon as the lights went out. i had good reason to put mine on, they matched the outfit, camouflage. which on a side not, there were tons of people wearing camouflage! including me and Holli, Goo minds think alike! opened with Naked. rzeznik said he did something that he never does before a show. . .get wasted. he was really happy!! had about 2 cups of something or other while on stage and a couple of cigarettes. threw one, unfinished onto the floor and it eventually burned out. thought that was very rocker like. told the Think About Me story. . .something along these lines. . .he lived with a girl for 4 years and then thought, "i think i really hated her!" then he said he just didn't want to be mean because most guys don't want to be mean. it was a long complicated story that i can't seem to remember all of. someone said something in the audience and he said, "yeah i'm preachin'! preachin' to the converted!" then threw his hands up in the air shouting, "yes sista!" something like that. . .did a funny intro to Broadway. was talking about growing up in Buffalo and how his parents had the New York accent; apparently, his only comes out when he gets drunk. then they played kinda a polka-ish/jerky version of the chorus to Broadway, accent and all. he said that is the way his dad would sing it. jason's sax solo, very cool. i was really surprised! . .poor little robby was getting all funky and down in the jam and fell right on his little tush!! i was busy watching rzeznik, next thing i know, there are two feet up in the air! then rzeznik started laughing and fumbled a bit on the words. robby layed in the floor a bit then jumped up, flashed the peace sign, signaled he was ok and continued on. rzeznik had robby's head in the crook of his arm and said something, "i saw a bit of your ass," after the song finished. robby replied with, "my pants are falling down." and rzeznik said, "i don't wanna see his pants fall down." it was a cute little exchange. i can't actually remember what song it was during. he sang Smash and Tucked Away one right after the other. i held up my sign that said, "My Mamma's Tucked Away is Section 15," not sure of they saw it. . . almost forgot, right before Sympathy, someone threw a black CBGB's shirt with a note pinned to it on the stage. he picked it, held it up for the audience to see and said that they were sorta uncool now because you can buy them anywhere, you used to have to go to CBGB's to get one. then he started to read the note aloud and it had the girls screen name on it and he said, "oh i thought it was your phone number!" after that i guess he thought he should read it silently said, "thank you. i'll wear it really but for now get this away from me!" and threw it to the side of the stage. then he dedicated Sympathy to her. . .lucky girl! both robby and rzeznik really had alot of fun with the disco ball. rzeznik got up on mike's drum set and started spinning it around. i got a picture of it, getting them developed today. then robby tried to jump up and grab it but missed. then he decided to get on the drum set and start smashing it around. . .by that time, that thing was swinging!! i can see it now, "girl in 4th row, death by disco ball" then after Iris, rzeznik threw what was left of his drink at it. . .figured after all that harassment it needed a drink, too. . . for the encore, it was a cool intro to Burnin' Up, sometimes to me, it sounded like I Love Rock and Roll; followed by What A Scene. no Cuz You're Gone with A Thousand Words and no We Are the Normal. makes me sad. but the show was great, the guys sounded great and were having, for lack of a better word, great time. they really seemed to be enjoying the audience. end of the show now. we meet up with Holli again outside and debated on going back by the buses and decided, "duh, of course!" needless to say, no meet and greet for us. . .waited about an hour and a half i think. they let some girls through the line, if only i were more skinny and more flirty. . .*sigh* then two buses left, one with Wild Bill behind the wheel. my sis said she saw Mike in the window and Holli noticed the disco room. we stayed about half an hour after that and decided to call it a night, there were still about 20 people there when we left. . .they had more staying power than us! wednesday, Rockford!!!

I was there too- in Section 11-about 15 rows back. Overall- it was a good show, but I was disappointed that they didn't play Cuz' Your Gone/1000 Words or We Are The Normal- I really, really wanted to hear those tunes live. Damn state fair closing times Wish I could have been closer to the front with the other WOGers. The people in my section sucked- they only knew "Iris" and "Name." Otherwise-they just sat in their seats or tried to talk on cell phones. - you're at a f**king rock concert- stand up and rock out!! Some people just don't get it. There was a young girl- probably 12 or 13 in the section next to me who was rocking out. You go girl! I was happy to hear more Robby tunes-"Burnin'Up" was freakin' awesome! Thanks Robby! I do think both John and Robby sounded great- but yeah, John seemed a little sloshed and they all looked a bit tired. Hope they get some much needed rest after this tour. Oh yes-the GA pipecleaner group had a blast! Some of you "stage dived" -but I don't think you made it to the stage- but you all had a great time! I'll post my pics if they turn out good. Thanks to the Goos for making a stop in Louisville!