Louisville, KY - Kentucky State Fair
August 15, 2003
From: Tonny

We got into KY about 8:30 Thurs night. We check into the hotel, then decide we want to go around to see if we can possibly find the guys. We knew they didnt have a show that night, so they were probably in town. First we ask the guy at the front desk were they might be staying. He said most likely the Hyatt in downtown Louisville. So we decided we'd check it out, but 1st we wanted to go to some other hotel by the fairgrounds, cause they had a bar, and we were supposed to meet some other people there. They werent there, and the people that worked at the hotel, werent very nice, so we decide to leave and check out the Hyatt. We finally sorta find our way downtown....and on the way to the Hyatt, we see another hotel with a tour bus parked outside. But we werent quite sure if it was their's, so we proceed to the Hyatt. Go to the bar there, grab a small bite to eat, and a couple drinks. No Goos.....ok, off to the next stop. We decided to go back to were we saw the tour bus. So we go to the front desk, and we ask the guy if the Goo's were staying there, and he actually told us yes! But he said they had left a couple hours ago, and they werent there. But he gives us directions to a bar where they might possibly be at, and were people might be at....(Downtown Louisville was like a freakin ghostown..no people ANYWERE. we just wanted to see actual people, LOL).....so he gives us the directions, and we turn to head out the door. Well low and behold, who comes walkin in? John, Gregg and some other guy!!!! At first I didnt even realise it was him, cause he had his back to us holding the door for Gregg and the other guy. But I saw the cammo's, then the tank, then the bandana, and I knew. So he starts to walk by, and I'm like "Hey!! How ya doin?" He stops, looks at me...then grabs my hand, and says "Good!" So I told him I was gonna be at the show, and he let's go of my hand, and points at me all stern like, and says, "You better!!" So then Tripper tells him she's going too, and asks if she can get a picture, and he says, nooooo, no pictures. But then he grabbed her and hugged her!! Then kissed her on the cheek!!!! Then he proceeded to his room.....it was all so quick, but it was AWSOME. I went there on a mission, and I met a Goo. So now I'm a 3rd of the way outta that Never Met the Goo's Loser's club, lol! The show itself was F**CKING AWSOME!!!! The guys were SO ON, and up there having a freakin BLAST. Robby was rocking out so much that at one point, he fell! All of a sudden, I see Robby feet flailin in the air, haha!! He gets up, and John thought it was so funny, he tried several times to sing the song right, but he kept laughing! Robby walked over to him, and John got him in a lil headlock type hug, it was so sweet! Then during Iris, they brought the disco ball down like they usually do, but it wasnt turning, so John get's up on the platform where the drum kit was, and grabs the ball and gives it a mad spin. He made a comment on "That f**kin things ways a TON!" Robby tried a couple times to get the ball goin, but lil 'ol him just couldnt reach it. Then someone threw up a CBGB's shirt, and he commented on how they werent cool anymore, cause you can get them anywhere online now, lol. Robby did Burnin Up, during the encore, but no Cause You're Gone, or We Are The Normal. That bummed me out, but with two opening acts now, they dont have as much time. But I'm not disapointed, cause all in all, that was BY FAR THE BEST show they have put on, out of all the one's I've been too. You could just tell they we SO happy to be headlining again. Sugar Ray was really good too, I'd pay to see them again. We waited my the busses after the show for about an hour or a lil more, but they didnt come out after. We did see Robby run by breifly, but he didnt come out. Gregg was out talkin to Damage, and we were waiving to him trying to get him to come over, but he said no. It was so cute, though, cause he had this shy lil look on his face the whole time, haha. I met Lisa (Never Fade To Grey), very cool girl!! Didnt see anyone else though. I'm bummbed that it's all over....but I have to say, that I dont have that usual empty feeling that I get after the shows, cause I did breifly meet John! Ok, ok, ok....really, I'm done now!

(Oh, and I should mention that there was NO SIGN of anyone booing Robby from where I was, and Tripper never heard any booing either from the front....so it must have been just a small section that was doing that.)