From: Sonya

Rec Center
Oct 24, 1999
Loudenville, NY

As always my day started out extremely early, especially for a Sunday. I woke up at 6:00 because I had to find out how I was getting to the show. My sister had previously told me that she would take me, but at the last minute she changed her mind because she said it was too far. I'd have to agree it was far (3 hours away) but she promised so I was really upset. After a few hours of yelling, arguing and crying my Mom said she would take me. (Thank You!) The car ride was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was cool to see signs for Buffalo. Although, it was about 284 miles away. When we finally got to the college we parked and headed to where the concert was going to be taking place. There weren't any fans around at the time, only working personnel and MP3 workers setting up the village. A little while later a few Goo fans came and just walked around as I was. The Goo Goo Dolls weren't there yet and there was no line forming to get in, so my Mom and I waited where the buses would be parking. I met my friend whom I called earlier and we hung around while my wonderful Mom saved my spot on line, which by the way had started to form. Finally the Goos came, but no one could see them because they parked behind a huge truck. However, we heard the sound check and saw them through the doors. Dave came out after sound check to go get something to eat from Burger King. He asked us if we wanted anything and I said no thank you, but my friend got a soda (a large might I add that he paid for, how sweet!) Then I decided to relieve my Mom of line duty. I didn't want to bring my jacket inside so I took it off and froze the remaining half an hour until the doors would open. Finally, at 6:00 they let us in. I was the first one to the barrier and took a spot between the middle of the stage and where Robby was going to be. I was all ready to see the Goo Goo Dolls for my 7th time. First Jude came on, then Justin Clayton, then Fono and then Thrill craft. They were all pretty good but I liked Fono the best. Then, Tonic came on and gave an awesome performance. After Tonic it took the roadies a while to set up for the Goos, but it was worth it. At 9:30 it was time. They did a cool light show at first which I don't remember from any of the other sows, but it was cool. Then the first notes of Dizzy came on and everyone was getting really psyched and started crowd surfing just like they were doing before. All the guys looked great! They played the usual songs and I loved the live interlude of Cuz You're Gone. During one of the songs John came right up in front of me and threw me his guitar pick... wohoo! And also during There You Are John smiled at me, I guess because I knew the words! And he was looking at me, it was kinda hard to miss mistake that, lol. Robby was making eye contact with everyone, including me, I was so happy. Robby is so cute and funny, you gotta love him! I love how they interact with the crowd, it makes you feel so good!

At previous concerts I had brought this star headband type thing that glows and the Goosu had seen me before with it so I took it out during Name and John saw me as soon as I took it out and told me to throw it to him, so I did. He caught it and he put it on and asked the crowd how he looked or something like that then took them off a little while later and threw them over to the guy on the side he put them by all the other stuff on his amp. I was so freakin happy. I was shaking and basically crying tears of joy, but soon recovered! :) Keep in mind that I have never met the Goos and that for me was an experience I will never forget. Now, all I have to do is meet them, which I hope will be sometime soon... ARGH! Anyway, John made some comments about college and when he was talking some guy said, "Shut up and play" John said something like, "You're never gonna win because I have the microphone! I've had better from the worse and worse from the better!" LOL Robby said something to John and I could hear him but I forget what he said, hmm. Anyway they put on a great show, a show I will never forget. The only thing I would change would have been the fact that I got bruises all over myself from the crowd. At one point I almost got dragged over the barrier because someone behind me was trying to get out and they kinda stepped on my head ... lovely right? At the end they played Two Days in February and John smashed his guitar! Oh yeah! I loved the show, I can't wait until my next!