From: Ambi

Rec Center
Oct 24, 1999
Loudenville, NY

My day started a little hectic. A friend of mine was driving in from Plattsburg and I had planned to be at Siena before he would reach the Albany area. He doesn't know the area very well and therefore, I was worried about him finding Siena! So I reached Siena by way of another friend. My college is about 10 minutes away from Siena, but let me tell you you would think we were on opposite ends of the pole with the cold weather at Siena! I was lucky I thought of grabbing a sweatshirt on my out the door!

When I reached Siena I made a couple phone calls to meet up with a few people from this list - you know who you are! It was great meeting you. All I have to say is thank God for Cell Phones! My friend from Plattsburg eventually made it!

We waited around for a bit and hung out near Tonic's bus, though I didn't realize it was theirs until I stared as the guys walked in and out of the bus a couple times!

Soon I saw Dave, he said he'd be back in a few to chat. Soon after getting into the Black BMW, he pulled over and rolled down the window. He said he was running to BK and asked if anyone wanted anything. I hadn't eaten all day and thought about it. My friend John (plattsburg friend) ran 5 mins before to get me food as well! So, I just asked for a soda to take some needed pain medication (I fractured my fibula 3 weeks ago)! Dave eventually came back, with the soda and a Burger King crown! I gave him pictures from the last time we had talked on Fastballs' tourbus in May. They were quite amusing!

We chatted for another few and he ran inside. Low and behold who comes out riding a bike.... sorry guys not John, but Nathan! I called him over, hung up on my friend (once again, thank God for Cell Phones) and went over to talk to him. I asked him if he was going anywhere good on the bike, he said no and that he was waiting for Dave to bring back the food. I told him he was back, he brought me a soda so I could take pills. We had quite a conversation on pain medications! It was well,....interesting I guess I could say! It was funny though, he went off on a story about his friend! He asked if I had seats in the bleachers. Standing and getting trampled on wasn't in my best interest! And after the show I said ouch!

Then we hung out in line waiting to go in. It was about 6 o'clock. We listened to the opening bands. I actually knew songs by Jude, I was surprised, (City of Angels soundtrack as well as others). The other bands were pretty good, but I wanted to see Tonic and The Dolls, so I was getting a bit impatient! I was also starting to get bruised and squished! But at least I with my gigantic 5 feet 1 and a half inches, was up front where I could see pretty well. Though security felt the need to pull the crowd surfers over my head! My hair was atrocious after that! I know, I know, typical female!

Tonic was fabulous, The Goo Goo Dolls, of course were amazing. I grabbed one of John's pics as well. I belted out every song and loved it, though it prohibited me from singing the next day, during rehearsal!

After the show, I dragged my friend John, around the back of the building to the bus! We waited for a while and then a security guard came and asked us for our passes, of course we had none! I fanangled (sp?) my way out of it! I told him about dropping my pain meds during the concert and all the other crap out of the front of my purse, fortuanly the keys to my dorm stayed in. I was basically whining. John smartly asked if I still had the passes in my purse, I said everything dropped out! I then told the guard that we were the only two back there and that we weren't going to cause any trouble! So he let us stay! Thank You to the guard! Dave came out first, Mike and Nathan were already on the bus. We chatted for a bit, he wanted to know where the crown was and I told him in the car. We talked about the pictures I gave him! We commented on one in which he looked a bit possessed! I'm not making fun of Dave, but he and a couple other people agreed! Jim took a picutre of Dave and me. Soon Nathan came off the bus for a few mins! John came walking out the door, I asked him if I could be a pain in the ass for a minute. We took a picture and I told him how great the show was. Robby was next, barefoot in the freezing cold and all. I didn't realize he was so short, I don't get to say that often with my 5'1 1/2"! I was wearing heels too, which added to my pain! Once again I told him I was going to be a pain and how great the show was. He commented on how curly my hair was, which by then was a mess! He signed my SSCW CD which is my personal fav, a lot of great memories with that CD. Dave came out once again and we talked again for a few and hugged and left! The guard came back over and asked us how we made out! I thanked him for letting us stay, and that it meant a lot to me!

Unfortunately the guys were in a bit of a rush and didn't talk long. They looked a bit exhausted as well. I've heard they were in a party mood the night before! We left, I was excited of course. As we walked through the main gates to leave, the bus followed. I haven't stopped glowing yet! I missed all the new choreography for one of the new dances for our dance team, by being at the show! Oh well! The pictures were developed the next day, they came out better than I could've hoped for! I've probably left out a few details believe it or not! But I hope you've enjoyed the story! The guys as I've heard repeatedly are really great. They were gracious enough to spend a few minutes taking time to take pictures, sign CDs, and chat briefly. Hopefully, I will get to see them again soon. Though Unfortunately, it won't be in Buffalo. My wonderful professors have decided to throw finals during that week, and well 23 grand is a bit much to throw away!