From: Lynsey

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March 11 & 12, 1999
U. London Union
London, UK

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Black Balloon
Bullet Proof
January Friend
Fallin' Down
Full Forever
2nd Time Around
Flat Top

When I first heard that the Goo Goo Dolls were coming to England I was ecstatic! They are defanitely my favourite band. I knew I had to go both nights- cos who knows when I'm gonna get to see them again.

We got to ULU really early to get to the front. I'd never heard of the support band- Flight 16. I was really unimpressed. The lead singer was drunk and they had the speakers on so loud you couldn't even hear the singer!

When John came out he was wearing leather trousers, a white vest and a jacket. He soon took the jacket off. He came out playing Dizzy (one of my favourite songs).

The crowd really started getting into them when Slide came on. There was loads of moshing- which John seemed to love! He told us ''You guys are fucking nuts! I love ya!'' Robby was wondering round the stage the whole time, staring people out. He had his hair dyed red.

They then played Broadway, which John dedicated to ''all the fucking idiots he grew up with''. During Name they kept stopping for Robby and John to joke with the audience about Clinton, Prince Charles and France. Iris was just beautiful. I think everyone in the whole place knew every single word. They then dissappeared but were back 5 mins later for an encore.

I'm so glad I'm doing it all again tomorrow!

Today John was wearing cut off combat shorts and a white vest. He started tuning in his guitar right by me- so I pinched his ass! Robby was all in black with bare feet. Nathan had a western cowboy thing going on.

There was loads of crowd surfing going on tonight. Robby told us we were all ''Fucking crazy!'' John pointed out that when the guys got on stage they were chucked back out into the mosh pit, but when the girls got on stage they were taken round the back! This made more girls surf. The security men were getting really pissed off, but the band were loving it!!

At one point, John swung his guitar round and nearing whacked one of us round the head! To make up for it he shook his hand and gave him his bottle of water and a guitar pick! We managed to see Skin from Skunk Anansie and Eden from MTV Europe. They both obviously have bloody good taste in music!!!!!!

We hung around after the concert to see if we could get any souvenirs. I got the security guard to get me Nathans' set list which now takes pride and place on my bedroom door. I also managed to get one of John's guitar picks!

The Goos seemed to be suprised by the great reaction they got from the crowd. Hopefully it has prompted them to play more gigs for us!

Lynsey's Pictures from the Show!