From: Paul

March 12, 1999
U. London Union
London, UK

The support band 'Flight 16' were a complete mystery to me but i have to say they were very impressive. Lot's of great songs and plenty of enthusiasm warmed up the crowd a lot.

The goo's made a cool entrance,the keyboard player coming on first and playing some atmospheric music to build up the suspense. 'Dizzy' was the perfect opening number and hearing so many people singing along to the chorus was very warming.

John looked pretty much the same as he does in the 'slide'video with the addition of a silly stripy hat. Nathan looked very cool ('dare you not to do drugs' T-shirt) i have to say and he seemed to be having a ball smiling a lot at the crowd. Robby was dressed in dark clothing and acted fun & goofy all the way through. I couldn't see Mike that well as John was in front of him but he seemed to be into the music.

I was surprised they played 'Lazy eye'(3rd song?) as it's not an album track but it sounded great. At the point where 'slide' would have been perfect it was played and lots of people sang their hearts out to it.

John spoke to the crowd often, asking if everyone was ok and saying "you better have a good time tonight (!)". I always keep on saying that 'Name' is the best acoustic song ever and it sounded amazing. I got too emotional andwas crying my eyes out to it and was glad to have my friend Madeline holding me during this one.

Later on during 'Naked' lots of people starting crowd surfing and getting over excited. Many surfers invaded the stage ...women escorted to the side chucked back into the crowd!! A man was brought out during 'Broadway', sorry i don't know who he was...I think someone up front was shouting for him to be brought out....let me know anybody.

Robby didn't sing one of songs till past the half way stage 'January Friend' was the first. My memory of the order of the set list is terrible but i think 'Iris' was the song just before the encore. Iris was, predictably amazing .

"You guys knew we were coming back..." John remarked. Before 'Hate this place' John sincerely said that this show was easily the best out of the whole tour, "no kidding" he reassured. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was true since the crowd was SO goo'd tonight.

I had to leave during 'Hate this place' or else i wouldn't have been able to make it home. I hope it was the last song....somebody let me know....