From: Tamsin

March 12, 1999
U. London Union
London, UK

I saw the Goo Goo Dolls at London University on Friday 12th March.I managed to get right to the front of the stage.I was standing right in front of Robby's microphone.IT WAS AMAZING!!!! John must have noticed that I was singing to all the songs.He stopped playing and put his arms out to me as if to say,"you carry on singing".It was soooooooooo cool!!! It was an absolutely brilliant gig. They were really wild!! After the gig my sis and I went to the back door and met them!!!Mike got straight onto the bus,but Robby and John talked to us and we had our photo's taken.John gave me a BIG hug and kissed me.'ON THE MOUTH'.I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!That was the best time i've ever had of my 12 years of living.I will never forget that night.EVER!!!

Mike wore some black shorts and a black t-shirt. Nathan had a whole Steven Tyler look going on. Robby wore black pants,black shirt and he also was running around the stage in his bare feet. John had on a blue top and some corded shorts.The stupid ass wore a hat!His hair is the best thing about him!!

It was cool because they said and did whatever they wanted.Nathan also gave me a big smile.My whole face lighted up!!! What was also really funny was that Robby had all his hair right down in front of his face and he was staring at the audience.He was really scaring me!! No I'm just being sarcastic. It was an EXCELLENT show,they have to come back to England soon!!! At the end of the gig I got a guitar pick and I also got half of the play list.It was a rivalry against it !!!!


Long way down
Lazy eye
Black Balloon
Bullet Proof
January Friend
Fallin' Down
Full Forever
Second Time 
Flat Top
I think they sang Two Days in February