From Chris…

September 13th

Little Rock Amphitheater

Little Rock AR


My name is Chris McKinstry and I had the pleasure of attending the September 13th Goo Goo Dolls concert at The Little Rock Amphitheater... It was an AMAZING SHOW!!! The line was nearly 3 miles long, and People were not finished going through the door til about 30 minutes after Sugar Ray had begun, But I saw the whole show!!!

Fastball gave a rather low-key performance, but it was still good and entertaining... But Sugar Ray got the hype going and got all 10,000 people in the very small enclosed area on their feet and jumping with the music... Sugar Rays show was quite appealing to the eyes and the ears, and even the funny bone as well.

But the real fun started when Johnny Rzeznik and the band took the stage, and began their set with "Dizzy"... It was hard, energized, and raw... The crowd was on their feet and screaming their heads off... After the song, Johnny just threw his guitar off his shoulders, grabbed another, and went right into some more hardcore songs.

I was very pleased by the selection of the songs that were played. Although I can't tell you all the songs, (they played almost 25 or so), I can tell you a few of my fav's and the crowd's as well. Of course everyone loved iris and Slide, But I was happy to hear some more of their obscure songs such as Bulletproof", "Naked", "Broadway", "January Friend", "Acoustic #3", and my personal fav, "Long way Down."

Johnny was genuinely nice to the crowd, and he was funny as well... He told a story about the nightmare he was having, In which the Backstreet Boys threaten to "fuck him up" unless he let them "freak him"... The whole crowd was in an uproar of laughter, and then he started their first big hit, "Name".

Many girls were throwing up underwear and shirts and bras, and he would usually say thank you in mid sentence of a song, I thought that was quite respectful. One girl even threw up her shirt and was completely topless, and he stopped playing and said "you know you're probably gonna need this after the show, unless you're gonna buy one of t-shirts; in fact lemme keep it until you do," But he did give the girls shirt back. He is a respectful man, and he was very courteous to the crowd.

Overall, I'd say this show was the best concert I've ever been to, And I liked it even better than the other two shows of theirs I saw, them with Bush and No Doubt on Bush's "Sixteen Stone" tour, And earlier this year At UCA in Conway Arkansas..

Long Live The Goo!!!