From: Kristen

The Joint
October 23, 1998
Las Vegas, NV

Hey! I JUST got back from my total turnaround trip TO and 
FROM Vegas to see The Goo Goo Dolls at the Hard Rock and as 
tired as I am, I will make my best attempt to describe last 
nights show.
  It was weird at one point during the show, watching SIX
people up on the stage, as opposed to only the 3 of them up 
there. They had their rhythm guitarist, a keyboard player 
(who also played the orchestra part on Iris which I THOUGHT 
John would just do an accoustic version of) AND a harmonica 
player (who was introduced as being FROM Vegas and played 
with them for Broadway). Half the time though, it was just 
the 3 of them, and they LOOKED and sounded GREAT! 
   The show was completely sold out, to my surprise unlike 
last summer seeing them there when it was probably only 
half full.. around 700. About 1400 attended the show last 
night.   They played 20+ songs that I counted, in approx-
imately this order: 
Dizzy - Burnin Up - Stop The World - Slide - Black Balloon
- Bullet Proof - Naked - Name - January Friend - Fallin 
Down - Full Forever - Broadway - Second Time Around - Flat 
Top - Iris - Girl Right Next to Me - Lucky Star .. and Hate 
This Place. (and...?)
  Im certain Ive left a couple out, but what can you expect 
after my all-nighter! Im surprised Ive remembered the ones 
I listed!
   Most of the crowd was young & many under 21, and mostly 
seemed to watch them while standing still rather than dan-
cing or singing. I got the feeling most of this crowd were 
fairly new fans who were curious and also intrigued by the 
wide range of style they have. Concentration was on most 
everyones faces and very focused on the band the entire 
   Johnny looked TASTY & even tastier the more sweaty he 
got. And THAT HAIR ..that looks as if he came straight from 
a ....reckless bedroom romp ...just before the show! Ha! 
(Just a fun, running joke between my friends & I for des-
cribing hair thats ...ALL over the place) He made alot of 
small talk with the audience & described how so many people 
seem to think they have only been together as a band for 
only a few months but pointed out that its been close to
TWELVE years, which earned them a sort of..congratulatory 
  He & Robbie at times broke-out laughing in mid-lyric in 
several songs for many reasons I never figured, which 
just added more of a fun feeling to the sense of fun they 
already seemed to be having, and appeared as relaxed as if 
they were just practicing up there in front of a few friends. 
 Its great the way they talk & joke with their audiences. 
I actually sat with my chin resting on the balcony rail, 
just smiling and listening to how warm & witty Johns words 
were, and what a very likable and REAL personality he has 
while talking to a big crowd like that, as if it was just 
him comfortably talking, joking and gesturing with a couple 
of his close friends. Im fully convinced after seeing them 
on stage last night, how good natured they truly are, and 
how success could never spoil them, and most of all.. how 
much MORE they DESERVE to have!!
  Im glad I went to this show, seeing the reviews of the 
Santa Ana show & how the female 'guest' singer got-in on 
Name by taking it over from John. He sang it last night
beautifully, after he introduced it by saying 'I thought
this song would kill us, but literally saved our asses!'
  Mike looked adorable as always and STILL seems to get 
childishly embarrassed when he's introduced. Robbie wasnt 
quite as energetic as Ive seen him be in the past.. body 
wise, but he was throwing his head around as much as ever, 
and sounded a little bit hoarse during many of his songs. 
And much of the time it was difficult to hear his lyrics
very good. Either my seat location or the room accoustics 
wernt very good for hearing his normally strong sounding 
voice, or else he's recently torn up his voice a little. 
But his playing and presence was as good as its always 
  The stage for this least last nights, was
the most ellaborate Ive seen them have. Before they walked
out on stage, a crewman lit two candleabra's (sp?) that
were on either side behind Mikes drum kit. They had a
muddy looking canvas backdrop draped behind them and 
for a few songs, was illuminated by flashes and graphic
shapes which I thought would eventually show some clips
& videos play behind them as they sang those songs. At 
least IRIS. Instead it just absorbed a WHOLE lotta color
combo lighting. It was quite a spectacle being in such
a small setting, elevated a bit above them on a balcony
about 100 feet away with so many different lighting 
effects happening.
     I had a great seat on the balcony in a chair that 
I had pressed up against the railing by the shows close. 
For the last song..Hate This Place, I moved down to the 
floor right under Johnny and highlighted my night, seeing 
him so close, and carefully watched his facial expressions 
and body gestures as he sang and played. Kinda had me  
wishin that I had gone down below sooner. *slap* 
  After that, he thanked us all for coming, said Goodnight 
and dropped his guitar on the floor under him & they exited 
the stage while the feedback continued to twang until the 
lights went up and the stage went dark. JUST ANOTHER GREAT 
GOO SHOW!!! Cant wait for the next one!!!  :)  ~Kristen~