From: Darren

July 18, 1999
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV

this was the first goo show i had seen since they toured for a boy named goo. First, Fastball came on, which was pretty decent. Sugar Ray came on after that. They were pretty good. They played for about half an hour and played all of the songs you would recognize if you had never bought any of their albums. But they were very entertaining for an opening band.

After about a 30 minute wait, the lights went out and a few seconds later, the goos ran out and began with dizzy. They then played long way down, lazy eye, i believe a fleetwood mac cover. two songs later they played slide.the show was very simple yet entertaining. they did not need a big light and fire show like other bands to keep the crowd into the show.As time went on, they played black balloon, naked, broadway, flat top,name and many others. they played every song off of dizzy, about seven off of ABNG, and a couple of songs from their earlier albums. they ended the original set by playing acoustic #3 followed by iris. Then they left the stage and showed the Greed film, which naturally confused everybody, but nobody cared when they ran back on stage and played five more songs, which is a lot for an encore. It was an absolutely awesome show and they ended it with they usual heaving of the guitars through the little movie screen and waved as they left the stage. Well worth the price and definately want to see another.if you have a chance, don't miss it.