From Phil

August 20th

Jones Beach Theater

Long Island, NY


It was one of the craziest concerts I have ever been to. It was pouring rain and everyone was soaked. Everyone was walking around in ponchos and everything. What was really weird was seeing little 6 and 7-year-old kids there. I've been going to concerts since I was 12 but I've never seen such little kids (I'm 15 now). Anyway, what happened was when I got tickets it was almost sold out so I got seats all spread out from each other in the mezzanine, that didn't stop me from still getting as close to the stage as we could.

We got there when Fastball was playing and I could hear them playing their hit "The Way" as we were walking in with the wind blowing and rain getting in my face. I caught a little bit of their set but then Sugar Ray came on. I was in the middle for a good half of them. They played pretty well. Right after they did "Someday" my friend and I went down to near the exit because people were leaving. We ran into these people who were leaving who had 5TH ROW CENTER!!!!!!!!! We got their ticket stubs and ran down to the floor to catch the last part of Sugar Ray. It was funny cause Mark McGrath brought this little kid on stage to help him sing "Every Morning". While we were waiting for the Goos we talked to this lady who looked like she was pretty wasted. She was nice though.

After a little while the lights went down and the Goos ran out and started into "Dizzy". I was thrilled, they were amazing. I was so happy when Johnny started playing "Falling Down" because I love that song. Robby was making all these crazy faces, Johnny would bring the microphone stand all over the stage. He told a funny story right before "Name" about a dream he had about the Backstreet Boys, but I won't spoil it for people who are still going to see them later. Also, "Black Balloon" sounded awesome, that's my favorite song from them, it's just awesome and I can't really describe it, it's just so amazing. They ended with "Two Days In February" of course. The only song I wish the played that they didn't was "Million Miles Away" cuz I love that song. Anyway, here's the setlist:


Long Way Down

Lazy Eye


Fallin' Down

Full Forever

Black Balloon




January Friend


Flat Top

Acoustic #3


Just The Way You Are

Burnin' Up

Hate This Place

Two Days In February

One of the coolest shows I've ever been to. I'll remember this the rest of my life. Anyway, if you haven't seen them you should definitely go see them now, check them out, even if you have bad seats, remember anything's possible in concerts.