From: Tiffany

July 20, 1999
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

I got to the Greek at around 2pm. I just walked around for a few hours, checking the place out. Then I saw a bus parked in the middle of the street, that had an Elmo sticker in the window. So, I assumed it was the Goo bus. I had my mom move her car. So, we were park right next to the bus. I just sat in the car, with my mom, and waited for the guys to get outta the bus. Then I was looking out the window, and light blue bus drove up, that had a stuffed Elmo in the front window. As it drove past us, I noticed Nathan December had his head sticking out the back window. I had been watching the wrong bus, the whole time! I got out of the car, and followed that bus. It parked in a little side road type thing, that lead backstage. I stood outside the bus, and waited for then to get out. There was only about 6 other fans there, besides myself. After waiting for a few minutes, the band got off the bus. A man got off the bus in front of them, and told us they had to go do sound check, right then. Johnny looked at us, and said, ''Sorry, we'll be back in a minute.'' Then they all went inside, the Greek.

Since Johnny said they would be back, I just waited by the bus. While waiting by the bus, I started talking to a really nice lady named Michelle. She told me she had an extra 2nd row ticket. My seats where really bad. I asked her if I could buy the ticket off her, and she said I could! So, I went from nose bleed seats to 2nd row center! Needless to say, I was happy. After that I saw Mark McGrath, get out of a van, and walk towards to venue. He looked like he was in a hurry. I didn't wanna bother him. So, I just yelled his name, and waved. He looked at me,and waved back. Then went inside.

A little while after that a white truck drove up, and parked behind the Goo bus. Mike got out, and was carrying some stuff. He took it, to the bus door, and unlocked the door. He had a really hard time opening the door though. He couldn't get the door to open. He kept saying, ''C'mon key work!'' After about the 3rd time, the door finally opened. After he had put all his stuff inside, I got his autograph, and took a picture with him. He was really sweet, and seemed to be loving the attention, the fans were giving him. A while after that Robby came out, and all the fans rushed over to him. He signed my autograph, and took a picture with me. Then my mom said ''Hey, Robby has shoes on today!'', and he said,'' Yeah, but they are special shoes!'', and slipped them off, and wiggled his toes at her. A while after that Dave got out of the bus, and I got his autograph, and he said, ''I can't write, but I swear that says Dave.'' Later on Nathan came over, and I got his autograph, and a picture. At that time it was getting close to show time.

At around 7 we figured Johnny wasn't going to come out. So, we went inside. At around 7:30 Fastball started playing. They were good. A lot better then I thought they would be. Then Sugar Ray played. I thought they totally rocked. I was up dancing the whole time they were on. Mark noticed me, and looked at me, smiled, and said, ''Hey how are you doing, sweetheart?'' He was very entertaining, and enteracted with the audience a lot. During Fly he pulled a little girl on the stage, and had her sing it. I can't really remember the set list. They did lots of songs from 14:59, as well as songs from Floored. After they were done there was a 30 minute intermission, and then 15 minutes after that the Goo Goo Dolls came on.

The place went dark, and the lights on the stage flashed around for what seemed like forever. Then finally the guys ran out on stage. They opened with Dizzy. The set list was pretty much the same as the last tour. During Long Way Down, Johnny came to the end of the stage, in front of where I was sitting. I reached out for him. He saw me, smiled really big, and reached out to me, the same way I was to him. Before he said you write a hit song, and people ask you questions. They ask you stuff like how it changed your life, and then they ask you stuff like do you know the Backstreet Boys? Then he went on about how when he met them they said, ''Sup?''. Then he said he was gonna have 5 guys in jumpsuits kick his ass, they were gonna dance on his balls. Then he said he got more crap for making Name, then Marilyn Manson, when he got his breast implants.

All through the show Robby kept looking at me,and I would sing his songs along with him. He would get a kick out of me knowing all the words. It was like we were singing to each other. One of my favorite parts of the concert was Johnny singing Acoustic #3. It seemed like it was a really personal thing. You could tell he was singing from his soul. It was even more of a beautiful song live. After Acoustic #3, he said, ''here is another wuss song'', and played Iris. A few songs after that a big screen came down. The guys left the stage, and they showed a movie about greed. I didn't totally understand the movie, but it was interesting. After the movie ended confetti fell on the audience, and the guys ran back out on stage. Before 2 Days in February, Johnny said, ''This is a song about a boy, and a girl, and an expensive phone bill.'' During the song there was a movie of a girl talking on the phone, playing on the screen behind them. After 2 Days in February, Robby, and Johnny through their guitars through the screen. They played 22 songs, but it went by in what felt like only a few seconds. I had a total blast, and I'll never forget it.