From Cristy…

September 11th

World’s Fair Park

Knoxville, TN


Well I finally saw my first Goo concert on Saturday in Knoxville at the World's Fair Park. I must say it was even better than I expected (I expected a lot). It was awesome!!!!!!

Anyway, me and my friends, Jen and Alecia, got there about 3 or so. We parked the car close to the main entrance and went to the gate. There was a sign that said no cameras and me with my 210mm zoom lens!! No way was I sneaking that big thing in (had no where to hide it). We are the first ones there (that gate anyway there was another and someone told us there were people there since 11am!!), so we walked back to the car and put the camera up (lot of times I take a disposable camera if I think I am getting close to the stage but I didn't have one this time). As we start back to the gate this big blueish aqua colored bus pulls in and drives by us. We tried keeping up with it but we just can't walk that fast. We get back to our gate and are still 1st in line. We can hear sound check and everything and we hear Johnny's mic check and I am screaming at the top of my lungs (believe me I can scream)!

Finally 6 o'clock rolls around and the gates open. By this time there is quite a line behind us it’s a race to the stage. We get there and the security is like everyone sit there we are at the foot of the stage sitting in the dirt of the Worlds Fair Park. I mention to the girl beside me it must be one of the guards idea of a cruel and her get to talking and I come to find out its Cathy from Louisville Kty. She is the only other person listed with me on the showboard for the K'town concert (wild huh out of all the people there we wind up side by side). I also met Cathy's friend whose name I can’t remember anyway. She had on a shirt that said 'Got Goo?' (Hey guys yep its me!!!! email me sometime)

They finally let us up about 15 till 7pm. Fastball was supposed to be the opening act, but they didn't make it. Some group called Doosu from Dallas was there instead. They were okay, but the best part of it was their guitar player he was cute and he had his nails painted (like Johnny). 8pm Sugar Ray comes on. They were good, just not as good as I expected, honestly, and they had too many props, but still a worthwhile show.8:45 or so they start packing up SR's props.

9:15 or so Goo Goo Dolls take the stage, and I am blown away!!!!!! They opened with Dizzy, which was awesome. They played everything that they played in all the other concert reviews. Cathy and Got Goo girl got a copy of the set list- I am sure they will be posting with their review. Instead of the Name story Johnny told the story of 'Becky' and 'Fred'- you'll just have to hear it sometime. He did a lot more talking then I expected which was cool. Cathy and Got Goo girl had some cool signs they held up Johnny read. My fave, I have to mention this one, hope they don't mind, said "Wanted: Male table dancer. Excellent Tips". Johnny commented on it, but that, as with the other sign stories, is theirs to tell.

I sung along with every song and at one point during 'Fallin Down' I swear Johnny was looking right at me and I waved and he threw his hand up- I bout died!!! Mike I could barely see; the stage was high and he was at the back of it so I could barely see his head. Robby and Johnny were all over the place both looked GOOd!!! ( what I saw of Mike did too!)

I loved this show and can't wait for my 2nd one, wish they came to East Tennessee more often. My goal for the next one is to meet them!!!