From: Randy

The Beaumont Club
December 8, 1998
Kansas City, MO

Well, I just got back from the KC show, which was (of course) lots of fun. I got to meet a few people from the list, including Tabi, Lisa, and the irrepressible Kat. It was great to hang out with them and talk Goo. They're all really nice folks.

The show -- well, things are a lot different from when I *used* to see the Goos! I can remember an awesome show in Omaha with only about 30 people there. But it was great to hear a large crowd respond so well to the songs we know and love.

I liked the newer stuff better in concert than on record. I guess maybe the live show took some of the extra gloss off the recordings and added a little fire. I was especially impressed with Robby's "Full Forever," which ROCKED LIKE HELL, and "Hate This Place," which was seriously one of my favorite performances of the year (and I'll bet I've seen a hundred concerts and club shows this year alone). The guitar stuff at the end was pure bliss!

On the down side, Johnny seemed a little cranky, and they didn't talk all that much. One thing I used to love about their shows was how hilarious they were with their banter (once they ordered pizza onstage; another time they were out of t-shirts, so they had a guy come up on stage and actually drew on his white t-shirt to make a "tour" shirt!). This show didn't really have that. But I guess a loss of intimacy is to be expected with a move to the big leagues.

Also, although I absolutely loved hearing the old stuff like "Just the Way You Are" (still one of my favorite Goo tunes), I think they should have done a few more as a trio. Five guys on that tune kinda smothers it. "There You Are" (with just Johnny, Robby, and Mike) sounded much better.

Sorry, no fashion report from me! Maybe someone else can fill you in. (I did notice that both Johnny and Robby were barefoot. Can't they afford shoes after all these years? :) )

Finally, the opening band, Frogpond, is a group I've seen at least 15 times (they're local), and I can honestly say they've never sounded better. I was a little worried -- the last couple of times I saw them, their energy seemed to flag. But they've obviously been working hard to get ready for their stint with the Dolls, and it's paid off. They sounded great.

All in all, thumbs up. Hope everyone in Columbia gets a great show tomorrow night!