From: Kat

The Beaumont Club
December 8, 1998
Kansas City, MO

Pictures at bottom...

I got there and met up with Tabi, Lisa, and Randy. They were at the front of the line, they saw Johnny and told him I needed a ticket. They went in, but me, no ticket still... I ran into them on the street, Johnny let me on their bus, so I got to hang out and chat for a few. I gave him the pic of Ian dressed like him, he put it up on their board(still there! a week later) Well, he took care of my ticket, and I went into the show.

Frogfond of course opened for them. They were so Kool!!!There was some dumb jerk, that kept yelling stupid pig remarks to them! Thank goodness security grabbed him out!( yeah, Frogpond was real impressed by this guy!) The Dolls came out, Johnny said he was depressed so he wasn't as perky as usual( I am saying this since so many people bashed him at this concert!)(lay off him, he has bad days too!)But Robby was just as cute and playful, and Mike, always doing a great job!!!

As you know, the Name story is now history! He didn't tell it at any of the 3 I saw this past week. He did ask a girl what she did for a living, and people were doing the usual damn crowd surfing ! (which is really annoying, cause that is how people get hurt! so if you are one of those people, be a little more considerate! there are some younger fans in the front and they can get hurt !)They ended the well ya know, 2 days in Feb, and a smashed guitar! Kool,as usual!

I was really glad to finally meet Lisa and Tabi- they rule. Lisa and I visited on the bus after the show, there was a woman on there asking Johnny about the "writers block" he had. Nathan and someone were eating some BBQ. (which they really seemed to like) We had a great time, then we moved on the next concert"Bluenote".......the next night.....

Kat's Pictures from the Show!


Nathan and Johnny('s back)

Nathan and Johnny

Johnny and Robby