From Tonya

July 30th

Sandstone Amphitheater

Kansas City, MO

Hey! I thought I’d type up a quick review for the 7/30 GGD Concert at the Sandstone Amphitheater. First off, Cathy flew here from Kentucky to go with me. She and I are attending the Missouri concerts.

Okay..the day of the concert was here, and our four-hour trip turned into an eight-hour trip. No matter what went wrong, we managed to stay in good humor..after all, we were going to see the Goo Goo Dolls! Finally, we make it to the Sandstone, and find a decent place to park. We had to wait for the gates to open.

I only bought a GGD Cap because I have most of the other stuff. We got a drink, well, I got free drinks all night due to this guy…checked out where our seats were and went and watched Frogpond. This was the second time to see them. They are really good. We didn’t watch all of them, due to I wasn’t feeling well. I was really hot..did I mention it was hotter than hell out? We went back to our seats. We had a very nice view in the center.

Cathy spotted some friends she knew (Gina and Rachel). They were front row, so we went and sat beside them. We noticed Nathan standing off to the side of the stage. We sat in the front row until Fastball was almost over. They didn’t play long, but were very good in my opinion. We had to go back to our original seats.

Sugar Ray came on and the crowd got more excited. We danced our asses off. Mark did put the mic down his pants quite frequently, but we didn’t mind. They performed awesome. We missed the end of Sugar Ray and the first twenty minutes of Goo Goo Dolls, due to the fact I was being treated for heat exhaustion….bummer!!

We finally got away from the paramedics and back down to the concert we ran. Actually we got really close this time. Every song sounded wonderful. The guys looked really exhausted, but it was so damn hot, who wouldn’t be?

John joked around and appeared to be in good humor. He had his hair down. That was the first time I’ve ever seen him without some kind of hat on. Robby jumped around, putting on quite the performance! It was great to hear Robby sing more.

Ok, from what I can remember..John had on green cargo pants with a gray tank. Robby had on black pants, with a black opened shirt over a greenish-yellow tank that had a black star in the middle. Mike had on a pastel colored shirt. I couldn’t see him very well. Dave had on a red shirt with black pants. Nathan had on all black I believe. Well, there’s your fashion statement! They all looked really nice!

It was an awesome concert!! After it was over we went to the front, and needless to say I ended up with a guitar pick. We were turning around getting ready to leave, and it hit me on top of the head!! What a way to end up with a guitar pick…lol.

All in all, the Goo Goo Dolls ROCKED, like always!! They are truly a group of talented guys!!