From: Dan

December 17, 1998
Jingle Ball
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

Let me just start off by saying that this is only my second show, and i'm a pretty new fan. My first show was Nov 13. at Roseland.


The show itself was a big thing. Z100 is this huge radio station in New York, that basically dictates all the music the local teens are interested in by the songs they play on the radio. I personally hate the station, they have a rotation of like 15 songs that the play over and over, including Slide (used to be Iris).

The only reason I was there was because my little sister wanted to go so badly, and she waited on line at ticketmaster herself to get tickets, and she needed someone to take her (me). The acts were:

Brian Setzer Orchestra- very cool

Edwin McCain- played acoustic with just sax player

'N Sync- i really hate them

Shawn Mullins- also played solo acoustic

98 Degrees- i hate these guys even more

Barenaked Ladies- these guys are amazing!

Shania Twain- good performance, but mostly country stuff

Eagle Eye Cherry- a lot of people walked out durring their act (enough said)



Boys II Men- I left after the Goo Goo Dolls, because as far as I was concerned, the show was over

Special Guests:

Wayne Gretzky- introduced Shania (some Canadian thing)

Also- that was the most pathetic "Let's Go Rangers" chant I have EVER heard! The crowd was obviously not Rangers fans, not even sports fans, just a bunch of little kids and their parents.

Susan Serandon- Plugged Her Movie

Lauren Hill- i hate all fugees

And now for the Goos!

First off, Johnny did not seem very happy to be there. The songs, in as close an order as i can remember:

Black Balloon
Name-(see below)

I really wish they had played a longer set. I mean come on, Shania had 35 minutes! I couln't see much of them since my seats were all the way at the top (Section 414 for you New Yorkers) and in the back and there was a six foot wall behind the stage. (But there were screens) The set up was similar to Roseland, even clothing. But it looks to me like Robby died his hair red. Does anyone know any thing about this?

The overall sound was very good. Even from my seats they sounded great, except for Name (see below).

Anyway, some other very interesting stuff:

-Before the Goos came out, the Z100 DJ introduced them and they didn't come out. The guy came out a few minutes later to introduce them again, and they didn't come out. Finally after a 15 minute delay the guy came out one more time, and this time the Goos came, with the same kind of lights and sounds as Roseland (but nobody lighting candles).

-Durring Name Johnny Broke a string. And for anyone who doesn't play guitar, when one string breaks it throws the whole guitar out of tune because it screws up the tension. And you would thing you'd see a guitar tech run on stage with another one right? WRONG! He usually has so many guitars, but not this time. He had a few, but they all looked the same, an they were all tuned specially for different songs. So he had no spare! The rest of the song sounded pretty bad. You could see how angry he was. You would think the sound guys would pick up on it, but they're idiots, and didn't do anything to correct it (like turn his guitar down and Nathan's up). After the song you could see him over on the side yelling at the guitar techs.

-Besides that sound problem, the rest of the sound was out of wack for the whole show. Plenty of feedback for everybody. And for the Goos it was even worse. For most of the songs you couldn't even hear Nathan's guitar, and Robby's bass and mic were kinda low too. And once again the Keyboard was too loud for Iris (it was like that at Roseland too)

-Before he played Name Johhny said "I hope someone out there remembers this one. " I'm sure nobody else there did. They had no idea that they even existed before Iris. (Most of them were too young to have even heard of A Boy Named Goo)

-The Goos were the only band not to thank Z100. I don't blame them.

That's all I can remember for now. It was still a good performance, despite all the problems. I just wish I had bettter seats.