From Gina…

September 17th

Jacksonville Navel Air Station

Jacksonville FL


Hello - I went to the concert this past Friday and thought I'd give you my "review". In two words, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I'll try to condense this, but it will be tough!

I went to the concert determined to meet the Goos, but unfortunately that did not happen. : ( We did get a pretty good look at John as he stepped of the light-blue tour bus around 3:30 - 4:00. (The grounds, along with the tour buses, were behind chain link fences.) We waived like crazy, but he wasn't looking in our direction : (

I'm a not fan of Fastball or Sugar Ray, but I have to say I did enjoy their performances, although I kept looking at my watch the whole time waiting for the Goos!

They finally came on about 9:15 or so. Everything went dark and they came out with Dizzy. John had on a black shirt with black pants that stopped just below his knees, white socks and sneakers. We were in the front of the stage, way over to the right, so our view was limited to John (which was fine by me!) and Robby (at times). We were standing directly under the video screens, so it as hard to see the screens as well. But we got a good look at John when he came over to the right of the stage. We could see the cleft in his chin and his beautiful smile (not to mention his great ass).

I'm a new fan, so I didn't know the names of some of the songs they performed, although I was able to recognize them. After opening with Dizzy, they went into Long Way Down. I lost track of the order of songs after that, but they performed a lot of songs off Dizzy up the Girl, including Black Balloon, Slide, Iris, Bullet Proof, Acoustic #3 (John said the song didn't have a title), January Friend and a few others. Of course, they sang Name and Naked (I believe that's the name of it - I just went out and bought A Boy Named Goo yesterday . . .)

Regretfully, we left after John sang Iris, just as they were showing the film (from what I've read, it was probably the Greed video). They were so charismatic on stage, and John and Robby had terrific chemistry. (From what we could see, Robby was barefoot.) In spite of getting shoved, pushed, and just about trampled to death, not to mention the continuous stream of water we were getting sprayed with from security and other "hot" concert goers, it was an incredible concert.

I am trying to get feedback from others that went to the show; I pulled their e-mails off your site and hope to hear back from them and find out what we missed after we had to leave. Thanks for listening!