From: Anne

May 8, 1999
Jammin' On Main
Cincinnati, OH

I went to Jammin' on Main in Cincinnati last night, and my ears were ringing for hours afterward. My friends Hillary, Kristen and I got there at 6:00, then stood around forever trying to buy GGDs t-shirts. We went to the stage the Goos would be playing so we could get as close as possible, but we kind of ignored the band that was playing, especially after I spotted Nathan December by the bus on the other side of the fence. We were about to go talk to him when he left. We kept standing there, staring at the bus, until I saw a crowd and in the middle of it, some very recognizable hair: John's.

We ran over to the fence, but he went back into the stage area before we got there. Then we decided to go out around the fence and wait by the bus, and as we were walking down the sidewald toward it, John was walking the opposite direction. I hit Kristen, who hit Hillary, who kind of yelled, "Can I get a picture?" John said, "Not right now. I'll be back in a minute." So we kept going to the bus, where we waited and waited and waited... We saw the guitarist & drummer from Fastball, but Kristen and I went back in while Frogpond was playing because they rocked and we wanted to get close to the stage. Hillary stayed right by the bus, and finally came back when Fastball was playing. She'd gotten Robby to sign the little program things for Kristen and me, a picture with Robby, and all 3 Goos to sign her shirt.

It seemed like forever before the Goos came on, but when they did they were incredible. They were running around the stage constantly at first. Then during "Naked" (I think) Robby jumped up in the air and when he landed he fell. We thought he'd done it on purpose at first, but he actually hurt his knee and spent the rest of the night sitting on a stool except for when Nathan helped him stand up in the middle of "Iris". He kept making funny faces and swinging his non-hurt leg around. He really cracked me up. During one of his songs, he said, "Do you know what, Cincinnati?" And of course everyone yelled, "What?!" Then he said, "My fucking knee hurts!" They talked a lot and seemed to be having fun. John was saying something about Robby being a wimp and he was trying to toughen him up. They said we'd probably see them in the emergency room later that night. John introduced Robby as something like, "My gimpy parter." John also told the "Name" story. During "Two Days in February" they started rocking out, then someone helped Robby hop off stage and John tried to smash his guitar, but it bounced a couple times before it broke.

The songs they played (not in order) were:
Long Way Down
Another Second Time Around
Stop the World
Lazy Eye
Bullet Proof
Black Balloon
January Friend
Full Forever
Flat Top
I probably forgot something, but that's all I can remember.

Hate this Place
Burning Up
Just the Way You Are
Two Days in February

Robby was wearing black pants, a black shirt, and socks (which could be the reason he fell). John was wearing a grey tank top, nylon addidas pants that looked red from where I was, and a cowboy hat. When he came back for the encore he had a towel wrapped around his head. When we saw him before the show he was wearing a grey t-shirt & green cargo pants. All I could see of Mike was a blue shirt.

I really hope Robby's knee is okay, and I just want to say that the people standing around me and my friends were really nice to us. I can't wait until the Goos come back to Cincy in August!