From: Mike

November 17, 1999
Bren Events Center
Irvine, CA

I'll jump straight into the concert since I figure no one would like to hear about my group's escapades to dinner and such.

Doors opened at 6 PM, but we didn't get in until about 6:10 because they were searching everyone at the door. 3 local bands played while everyone was entering. There was also a group from England called "Fono." I highly suggest that everyone go to and check them out. They are GOOD.

Anywayz, Tonic came out around 8. They were just OK, and I could tell the crowd was just waiting for the Goo.

Tonic ended their set around 9, 9:05. Then they began set up for the Goo Goo Dolls, which took forever. At around 9:35, the lights dimmed to near pitch black. Some unknown piece was playing over the speakers and the anticipation was high. After hyping the crowd up a little, we heard Mike count 1-2-3-4 on the hats, then the lights went on and made it seem like John and Robby came out of nowhere they went into the opening chord for "Dizzy."

John and Robby were just going off that night. I must say, Robby has the greatest smile. John was more serious, but he had his moments. The set included: Long Way Down, Naked, Slide (which the audience virutally sang half the song), Flattop, 1000 Words, Boardway, Name, Black Balloon, January Friend, Track #10 on the Name album who's title escapes me at the moment, Acoustic #3, Iris. The encore featured Two Days in February.

Surprisingly, John didn't crack any jokes before Name. He did, however, tell 3 of them before Acoustic #3. He said that when he wrote Acoustic #3, the producers asked him what the title of the song was. He said the title was "A Joke," and proceeded to tell 3 of them. He told the Ricky Martin one, which got a good response, and a Celine Dion one which went something like, "Celine Dion walks into a bar. The barkeeper says, "Celine, why the long face?" (this one had the crowd rolling on the floor laughing), and one more which I don't remember.

There was the usual throwing stuff on stage. Items included several chocolates that were thrown out by Tonic, 2 notes, 3 bras (which he said was going to be donated to the "Basseires of the World" foundation for women in the Third World), and an Elmo doll.

During one of Robby's songs, the sound system died for some reason. After the song, Robby and John poked fun at the sound technicians, then Robby threw his mic and stand across the stage before going to Two Days in February. I guess to make up for the lack of sound, they played a portion of that song REALLY loud.

All in all, the Goo gave a great concert and we all had a good time.