From: LA Claire

November 17, 1999
Bren Events Center
Irvine, CA

It was a brisk California 67* afternoon. Upon arrival to the Bren Center at 1:30pm, I entered the concert line immediately. Once my posse had arrived, I was able to visit the MP3 booths. Not much was happening at this point, most people were concerned with the line. There was much confusion regarding camera's, one hour prior to entering the show, camera's we NOT allowed. I managed to smuggle one in anyway.

The show started with the MP3 bands at 6:30pm. Justin Clayton arrived on stage while people were still entering. My opinion, he was quite mellow for the crowd. Next up, White Lies, a very good band and the vibe started. Gunburner came out with a fury, good band as well. Fono, I really liked this band. They pumped the crowd and passed out gifts. Awesome band.

After a short intermission, Tonic enter. I had seen Tonic in Los Angeles once before, but this night they seemed to rock. Once again the energy level rose and the music soared. At one point, Jeff Russo's guitar had problems and Emerson Hart asked "what's going on?" He replied "I don't know, somethings fucked up!" We all laughed, and the music continued.

What seemed like an eternity, The Goo Goo Dolls entered stage left. Lights deem, but still able to see Nathan, Dave and Mike arrive at their instruments. And then BANG! Robby and John entered with blaring guitars. Robby jumping and running back and forth and John head banging to his beat. The crowd definitely, dug the Goo's.

The music was electric, the vocals were amazing and the lighting added just the right touch for the vibe. Robby looking very cool with auburn hair and his adorable grin. That man's facial expressions are hilarious. He has just the right way of teasing the crowd. Awesome job Robby! Mike at one point appeared out from his perch and walked up to the edge of the stage to see what was being thrown up, but quickly headed back. As the songs played on, bras flew up and so did my rubber sea horse fish. Atleast it was original. Nathan rocked with a quick solo, catching the eyes of many girls. Dave remaining back at his keyboards, but played fierce.

The Goo Goo Dolls looked rested and happy. John and Robby joked quite a bit, threw pics to the people and even waved to some. One girl showed her boobies to John and he smiled, walked back to the mic and said "very nice by the way and... thank you so much", "I could sell you a bra". Triplets in the crowd held up a sign that read "John will you have sex with me" or "us".. not sure. John bowed to them and rocked on. Robby got the crowd going by clapping our hands while John played a beat on his guitar, very fun. Everyone sang to the songs off 'Dizzy Up The Girl" and to a few of the older tunes.

While Robby sang his last song the sound went out completely. None of the Goo Goo Dolls knew and Robby kept singing. We kept yelling and holding our hands up in the air, but they had no idea what we were doing. Finally, once the song ended, Robby was told , looked at John and said "they couldn't hear us a minute ago". John replied, "I'm not at the controls". It was pretty funny to see Robby singing his heart out with no sound. But all was well. Confetti flying and the music rockin' the Goo Goo Dolls were exceptional as usual. The evening ended, but my memory of the concert will live for a long time. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!