From: Amy

November 17, 1999
Bren Events Center
Irvine, CA

Hey! My name is Amy. I went to the November 17th show in Irvine, Ca. It was at the Bren Center at the UCI campus. I got to the campus around 12:30. I got in line with 2 girls I met there. We were first in line. So then I went to get lunch. When I came back they had the barriers up and I had to hop it to get back in line. It was around 2:00. We had about 4 hours to go. All the MP3 stuff was set up, so me and a few people kept going back and forth to that. It was so fun waiting outside and everything. I met a really nice security guard. So, they let us in around 6, and I took off for the stage. Me and all the girls I met there got in the front. So the first band, White Lies came on, then Justin Clayton, Phono, and Gun Burner. Phono was the best MP3 band. Then Tonic came on. They were really good. Then The Goo's! It was so cool! the lights started going off, and then Dizzy came on! I was so excited. The whole band was in a great mood. Really into it. Robby was crazy. It was really fun. My favorite performances were Long Way Down, Naked, Name, Slide, and Broadway. They were great. Robby kept laughing at me. I had a blast. I can't wait to see them again soon.