From: Mr. World of Goo himself!

Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Oct 5, 1999
Iowa City, IA

Okay, so I just got back from the opening show of the new leg of the tour! So very cool!

Fern was the first band to play. The promotors of this show misprinted the start time so most people missed them, but they were definately good! Great dynamic changes and rocking beats got the fans out of their seats.

Then came Tonic who suprised most of the crowd (but not this music-savvy reviewer!). With a good mix of songs from their Lemon Parade album and their upcoming album, they were AMAZING. They had the crowd rockin' the entire time (and not just for their radio hits). They are really great musicians and put on a great show - definately do not miss this part of the show.

After a VERY long break *grumble*, our wonderful Goo's took the stage. The show opens with the previous opening of Dizzy. However, there were multiple setlist changes. First and foremost was the dusting off of Cuz You're Gone with "Thousand Words"! They've revamped the "mini-song" for this leg of the tour - old fans should be pleasantly suprised, and new fans who haven't heard this gem are in for an incredible treat!

The Goo's put on an incredible show. John and Robby were both full of energy (and the latter of awesome expressions). John told the "college girl" story before Name and was quite humorous for the rest of the show. Robby was as entertaining as ever

Mike put on his always-present powerful set of drum bashing - he still has his solo before Naked, too! Dave was behind his keyboards rockin' away, augmenting the songs with his incredible keys and backing vocals. For those of you who care, he was wearing a really cool red shirt, dude. Nathan, who today was "playing linebacker for the Goo's", put on his usual stellar display of lone cowboy slingin' a guitar. Awesome shirt as well - very dope. And of course, his slide guitar solo in Iris was well-received.

As usual, they ended the show with Two Days in February and took off for the next venue. The revamped show is incredible, you definately don't want to miss it! Be sure to catch it at a venue near you!