From Randy and Rob

August 6th

Deer Creek Music Center

Indianapolis, IN

Well, just got back from another great show, this time in Indy. Fastball was great, they exceeded my expectations. Sugar Ray, well who cares about them, the Dolls were coming up. They started with Dizzy, as always, and carried on the rest of the normal show, except for Robby who DID NOT do any of the vocals. He has a sore throat, and didn’t want to sound like a frog. He did sound ok during the harmony in Slide, but when he talked it was really bad, good move on his part. This was good though, because they played more tunes from Hold Me Up, and Superstar CarWash. I was disappointed that I was the only one screaming at the top of my lungs when they started Fallin’ Down and Just the Way You Are. Acoustic #3 was great to hear.

I’m sure someone has already covered the "Backstreet Boys" story the Johnny told in place of the sold out story before Name. It was some funny shit. Johnny also told a great story about Ricky Martin. It went something like this…"I was sitting alone one night…in my bed (girls scream), all sweaty (girls scream again) with my girlfriend, and she says to me, ‘Will you make love to me like Ricky Martin?’" Johnny responded, laughing, "Well get your brother in here then…"

The show was great as always. I held my Buffalo, NY Fire Dept. shirt up (yup, Fire Dept. of all things to hold up) and Robby nodded and pointed at me since I was only a few dozen rows back. At the end of "Two Days in February", the boys smashed their guitars in the film screen and Johnny exploded throwing Mike’s Tama Kick drum in the air, all the mic stands, and Robby. (Just kidding, Robby stayed on the ground). The tour bus left around 11:30 from the back access road and headed down US69 to US65 headed to Chicago!! They were hauling, too, going about 80 mph. My brother laughed and said it was probably a decoy, that the Goos were probably going down some back road heading for the speedway to grab some beers and enjoy the parties out there. Then again, probably not.

That’s about it. Another great show, another great night. Everyone get out to see them and BUY THEIR FIRST ALBUMS. Wouldn’t it be great to see Superstar CarWash go Double Platinum?? We, Buffalonians, have done our part, so come on!!!!