August 6th

Deer Creek Music Center

Indianapolis, IN

From Bryt


I went to the Indianapolis Goo Goo Dolls concert, and it was awesome just as the last one was. Fastball and Sugar Ray opened for them on the main stage, but on the smaller stage Frogpond and Liars, Inc. were playing. Liars Inc. was a great band from California, not to mention some of the nicest guys I’ve met in awhile. Frogpond was also great, just as they were when they played here in Louisville. But now to the good stuff. I was stuck in the second to the last row, so the band was kind of blurry to me, but the sound was great. Robby’s voice was giving him trouble so he couldn’t sing, but Johnny sounded awesome. During the time when Robby would have sang, Johnny told jokes about a dream he had the night before, and in it, the Backstreet Boys, and they wanted to freak him. When he woke up he was all sweaty and panicky. Robby asked him what was wrong, and Johnny said, it was terrible, and he told him. Robby told John to go back to sleep, cause it was just a dream, so he did, and started dreaming again, about the Backstreet Boys again, except this time they wanted to punch his lights out. All Johnny could say was ‘fag’, and they started punching him. It was hilarious. Then Johnny went on to tell us that he was just making it all up. They played a lot of songs off their older albums, but also the songs that made them famous, like "Name" and "Iris". Before he played "Name" he said, "ya know we used to be cool, until we made this song", and he started playing "Name". The rest of the concert was great, and before the encore I managed to sneak past the security guard and down to the second row, so I got to see my boys up close for three songs. When they finished playing they threw out picks, and once again I got lucky and got one. J