From Lori

September 4th

Mitchell Woodlands Pavilion

Houston, TX


The Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray and Fastball rocked Houston's Cynthia Mitchell Woodlands Pavilion on Saturday, September 4, 1999.

First up was Fastball. They put on a good show. They played about 30 minutes. Next up was Sugar Ray. Some of the band came out on bicycles and mopeds. The stage was set in a tropical setting with a bar tender and makeshift bar, palm trees, etc. Mark was a really good at getting the crowd pumped up and getting us participating in the songs. He also looked cute in his Levi's!! They played a little over 30 minutes.

Finally, the best for the last. The Goo's were awesome. John looked really hot in tight gray pants and a tight black tee shirt!! We had 14th row center seats so I got to see them all really well. They put on such a good show. John laughed and joked with the crowd about being freshmen girls in college and smoking and drinking with fat frat boys, the aftermath of shame and how you learn from your mistakes but you would not have know otherwise if you had not experienced it first hand. The basic message was have fun and experience life and live with no regrets but learn from the mistakes and don't do them again.

The Goo's were really into the crowd. Robby was also great. They both played up with the crowd and got us pumped. After they played for over an hour they came back on for an encore with was also great. Some people had blown up black balloons and they were being hit around in the crowd. The light show was great and they dropped confetti on us during the encore.

This was my second Goo Goo Dolls concert, my first was in April and I already can't wait to see them again. They are very appreciative to their fans and put on great shows for us. I hope they stay around for a long, long time and Dizzy this girl up for years to come!!