From Kathryn…

September 4th

Woodlands Amptheater

Houston, TX


They rocked the stage! I had hoped that most chicks would clear out after Sugar Ray finished, but more came.

They started with 'Dizzy', the supreme song, went to 'Long Way Down', that put me in a state of psychoticness, and went to 'Lazy Eye.' They played songs from 'Superstar Carwash', 'A Boy Named Goo', and 'Dizzy Up the Girl'. I don't recall the rest of the line-up because I was crying my eyes out, but they played for an hour. Robby sang four times and obviously Johnny did the rest. They told the 'walk of shame' story and made up some crap about being from Texas. But since Mike is a Texan, it was somewhat true.

Then they left the stage for five minutes and a lot of people left because they thought the concert was over. They came back on and played a lot from 'A Boy Named Goo'. They completed the event with 'Two Days In February' and smashed the stage. It rocked!!!!!!!

Robby was shoeless as always and Johnny was wearing some tight, tight pants. I am talking no underwear tight! The whole thing lasted an hour and thirty minutes and I spent most of it balling from happiness. A really cool thing happened, though, when Sugar Ray was up. My friend and I were on of the three people who brought posters to praise the group we sooooooooo adored and one of them said 'We Love the Goo Goo Dolls'. We held it up each time Mark came near our side. We were in row five so we were very noticeable. Anyway, the first time Mark saw it, he smiled and kinda waved. At the same time Nathan December was on the opposite side of the stage, you know, out of view, and looked at us to see what Mark was waving at. He gave us a thumbs-up! The next time Mark came back and saw the poster, he started cussing at us!!!!!! He was like, 'someday, (lowers the mic, gestures, and says F*** you), (raises it) when my life has passed me by...’ Nathan fell over laughing. It was cool.

That is pretty much it, so drop me a line and put me on your page, if you want. Give Robby my best on his 34th or 35th b-day. I think it is 35.