From Adam

August 22nd

Garden State Amphitheater

Holmdel, NY

Set List


Long Way Down

Fallin Down

Just the Way You Are


Black Balloon



Flat Top

Full Forever



Another 2nd Time Around

Acoustic #3

(Not exact order)

OK, we got there at 6 for a 7:30 show. My aunt had the tickets so we waited there for her, until 7:00!! I went and looked around a bit once we got in, and I went to buy shirts. There were like 2 Sugar Ray, maybe 2 Fastball, and they had a bunch of Goo shirts. The one I bought is really nice, it has the beads that people like put in front of their door and it has Johnnyís face real big, and Robbyís and Mikeís underneath his, a little smaller. The back has the GGD_Dizzy diamond that Iím sure anyone whoís gone to a concert recently has seen. They had another one that just had GGD on the front and the same things on the back as mine. They had white shirt from the last tour with different places on the back, and they had one that had the girl from the inside sleeve of the Dizzy sleeve on the front, and on the back a heart (also on the front) that had the 3, with all the places on the back. Very cool shirts. They also had a Sugar Ray poster and a necklace. They had the same Goo necklace as the last tour, and a few stickers.

Ok, back to the concert. Fastball was good, like the last time. Sugar Ray was all right, they put on a good show, but the singer was a little conceited. I donít really like their music anyway.

Now when we got out seats, we somehow got by the ticket checkers and we got 3 seats way closer than we were supposed to be. I was shocked about that!! But even better, my aunt had a graduation surprise for me. A few friends of hers had an extra VIP pass, meaning I could get even closer to them! We werenít front row or anything, but I donít have the money to get front row, although I really wish I did. In my eyes we were close.

They came out to Dizzy. I was so happy to see that Johnny didnít have any of his hats on, Iíd rather see him without them. He had on the black shirt from Hard Rock Live, and a pair of tight green pants. Robby had a dark blue or black tank top underneath a blue button up shirt, and I think black jeans. Nathan was hidden by the smoke almost the whole concert, so I couldnít see what he had on. I couldnít see Mike or Dave, either.

After Dizzy, they blew me away with my favorite song, Long Way Down. During the 2nd chorus, right before the solo, Johnnyís like "I donít think I can make it", and he didnít finish, he threw the mic and the stand. Then one of the crew ran out and fixed it for him. A little bit more into the show people threw earplugs at the stage, and Johnny said, "Whatís that, earplugs?? Iím insulted! Donít throw shit at me man, I donít throw shit at you!" Then he threw one of the ones onstage out at someone and said, "there ya go." Meanwhile, crew was picking up all the earplugs, everywhere, and Johnny said, "Why donít you come over to my house like next week, you can clean my house for me." It was great!!

They went on to play a bunch of great songs (most listed above). Black Balloon was great, Slide was, Iris, Bulletproof, Naked, Flat Topóevery song was amazing!! The Greed thing was a little weird, but it was great how they came back out. They were already there, but since everyone was looking at the screen, no one was looking at the shadows. They were already there, and all of a sudden there was an explosion, and confetti was going all over the place. You wouldnít believe how fast I jumped up out of my seat to stand again. They finished like the rest of the recent reviews have saidóthey threw their guitars through the screen and Johnny threw the mic stand again.

The ending was amazing, and the whole thing was just amazing!! I didnít get to meet them this time, but I always look forward to the day that I will.